Improvement of the Amulets (updated on 10/03/2015)


Feb 2, 2015
Dear players!
Small corrections of the Amulets, which you can get for killing enemy characters in PvP. More about Amulets you can find in this thread.

Now with the goal of withdrawal of excess currency and supporting the economy of the server as well as giving you an opportunity to improve your character all amulets have been given a certain level of grade. Since then for killing other players D-grade Amulets drop but a few times more than before.
P.S. Amulets, which had already been on the servers, automatically got B-grade.

All in all in the game there are 5 Amulet grades: D - C - B - A - S
Maximum level which you can achieve upgrading amulet is S-grade.
To upgrade amulet you don't have to invest real money, you should have aden and small amount of resources. Of course, with increasing of the grade the cost of updating amulet is increasing too and it vary depending on the server rates.

Additionally we came up with Absolute S-grade Amulet which unites all bonuses of all 11 Amulets (in order not to occupy much space), you can get it when you have collected all S-grade amulets. You can exchange and acquaint with upgrade cost in Alt+b in new Amulet (Improvement of abilities) section.

So as to see Amulets of new grade you should upgrade through
You can also
download patch.
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