[In-game event] Pirates of Averia!


Sep 5, 2016
Dear players!
From 22 to 23 April at 5:00 after the restart, our project was a massively attacked by evil and hungry pirates!
They have gathered at our borders, and every minute of their population is becoming more and more ...
We are unable to keep their onslaught. Only you can save Averia! The most brave of you will be able to kill them and get the pirate treasure!

Averia's Pirate can appear with a certain chance when killing monsters in the game world.
As a reward, from the defeated Pirate you can get (or you can not get):

  • Pirate's Chest - Normal
  • Pirate's Chest - Rare
  • Key from Pirate's chest - Normal
  • Key from Pirate's chest - Rare
The reward in the chests is quite different, everyone can find something for themselves that the pirates have stolen:
  • Potions
  • Enchantment scrolls
  • Attribute stones
  • Epic jewelry (eternal / temporary: AQ, baium, zaken, frintezza, freya, core, orfen)
  • Armor from Dynasty to Vorpal
  • Pirate's costume
  • Pirate's accessories
  • Scrolls of Fame
  • LS's
  • SA 15-18
Note that some items drop more often from ordinary chests, some more often from rare ones.
It's not a fact that by opening only rare ones you will earn more items than if you open only ordinary ones.
And some chests may be empty.

The keys can be purchased in "Alt+B - Event - Pirates of Averia".
Cost of keys:
  • Normal - 5 Aver
  • Rare - 10 Aver
The event will end on April 30 at 05:00 am in Moscow!
All the chests / keys will remain with you.