Ingame Auction on Gracia Final

Saint A.L.

Marketing & Manager
Mar 12, 2016

☝ Dear players!
In this topic we want to tell you more about Players' Market (aka Auction). This is a special service that allows you buy or sell items for real money!

We understand that many players are used to spend their money to have fun the same as many players are used yo earn money. This is often causes drama, bans, parties disbands and scams. This is why we are announcing safe Players' Market that available in cabinet.

It is easy to understand and use for any player, but if it's still hard for you i will tell you more about it.
You can set for trade almost any items for special currency. After you've sold item you can:

  • Exchange this currency for Family Coins (1=1)
  • Echange for real money for your personal e-wallet
If you want to buy something you don't need special currency, market will use Family Coins of your cabinet balance.

1. Any player can add almost* any item for trade using our web service, which is available in cabinet. The seller just need to set price and wait.

- some items are not available for trade:
  • Non-tradable items:
    • Augmented weapons/jewelry
    • {PvP} items
    • Other
  • Accessories
  • Resources
  • Family Coins
  • Quest Items
  • And other non-tradable items.
2. Let's see how it works:
  1. Player_1 (Seller) wants to sell Arcana Mace for 100 Family Coins.
    • Seller adds an item using web service in cabinet.
    • The item is temporarily removed from player's inventory until item is purchased or lot is removed.
  2. Player_2 (Buyer) wants to purchase the item.
    • Using account balance buyer pays for item 100 Family Coins.
    • Gets item ingame.
  3. Seller pays 5% commission and gets:
    • 95 Family Coins on special Auction balance.
  4. Seller can:
    • Transfer coins from Auction balance to:
      • Game character (1x1 - 95 Family Coins);
      • Account balance (95 Family Coins);
      • Or real money account:
        • Commission is 20%
        • Payment system commission 50/50 for us and seller.
3. How to get real money to your e-wallet:
The commission is 3%.
Minimum amount can be transfered is 15 Euro.

Operation of transferring money to your account will be done every monday.
Duration of the transaction may take up to 24h (depending on payment gateway services).

  • You won't be scammed;
  • You won't be banned for market deals;
Donations are only available via cabinet
Use our service and don't get scammed!

You will need PIN-Code, that is automatically created when you register your master account.
Forgot your PIN? Go to Settings=>"Yes" on the bottom right. Then check your e-mail.
1. If you want to sell an item:
  • Go to cabinet, Ingame Auction;
  • Press "Add an item" button
  • Choose an account and character
  • Set quantity and price in Family Coins (1EUR=10FC)
  • Accept and enter your PIN
2. If you want to buy an item:
  • Go to cabinet, Ingame Auction;
  • You will need Family Coins on your account balance
  • Press "Buy" on item you want
  • Choose account and character, enter your PIN
3. If you want to transfer money to your wallet: