[Interlude Final x7] Task №1: "Check-in"

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1. interlude is more stable than other chronicles
2. GOKstjioan
3. skype, old cp members
4. i change servers when i reach end game gear or become hero 2-3 times
1. I love Interlude chronicle as well as classic mostly bcz this is classic l2 which i get used to play from my childhood. After I heared that there is going to be opened a server where some classes reworked with adding new skills from High FIve I definantly decided to go play here cos to my mind, it gives more balance to IL chronicle ( and balance was a main problem as for me at IL )
2. MENDancerok
3. From my friend at Steam
4. I change server cos It was so much unstable and with a lot of buggs
  1. лучшая хроника
  2. TUAqwer
  3. l2oops
  4. потому что онлайн был слишком низким
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1.Because its one of the most balanced chronicles. I expect have Fun!
4.Couldn't afford free time to play l2.
1. interlude is cool no attribiut +++ stupid things :< i think it is the most balanced pvp client
2. tekken
3. discord friends
4. my cp broke and alone i got bored fast
1. Interlude is just the old & simple lineage 2 that we all know. I expect a lot of new and interesting additions.
2. Sandiss
3. L2HOP & friends
4. It closed.


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  1. I like Interlude.... but IL final sounds amazing...
  2. EWD3vianne
  3. Twitch xmmm and in other L2 forum
  4. i never played i found this one is international so i decide to give a try


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