Interlude Final x7

Saint A.L.

Marketing & Manager
Mar 12, 2016

Dear friends!

Open Beta Test of the Interlude Final x7 server starts on March 22 at 20:00 gmt+2 (21:00 Moscow time). We are glad to invite you to take part in the Open Beta Test (OBT) of Interlude Final x7, to take a closer look on server's concept, its features, etc.
OBT will be closed on 3 April.

To take part in the testing you need to:
Game Launcher:
  • There is a small instruction inside the client client. Installing and launching the game through the update is MANDATORY from now.
  • You can get acquainted with the advantages of the new updater in this topic - LINK.
  • Our Game Launcher is a stand alone application and you can NOT install it into the Lineage 2 game folder, in other case you will not be able to update you client.
  • Our updater is new and it's still in beta testing stage.
  • Some Antivirus PO may mistakenly considered our Game Launcher as a malevolent software, because it just been created and released and Antiviruses just "don't know" the signature of it's work. Don't worry, it will be gone soon. We've send our application to the ALL antivirus software companies and some of them already replied and removed our Game Launcher from the false considering\reacting. Other just need some more time.
Important info:
  • All characters will be deleted after end of OBT;
  • All accounts that have been created will not be deleted. You can use them on live server.
  • We kindly ask you to create a ticket to Support service regarding all issues or/and bugs that you will face on the OBT server (if any). When creating a ticket, specify in the topic of the ticket "OBT Errors". It will let us gather them in 1 place and better track the process of testing and making all necessary fixes
On OBT server you will find:
  • Unlimited Adena;
  • Family Coin to Adena exchanger;
  • Consumable items and equipment;
  • Lvl-up/down of your character;
  • 1-3 class transfer, sub-class and noblesse status;
  • Skills autolearn (only during OBT);
  • Buffer with full skills setup;
  • 24/7 Grand Olympiad Games, Heroes every day (only during OBT);
  • 80 lvl pets on OBT shop (and regular in Game Shop).
Everything else is according to the server concept, including server rates.

Grand Opening of Interlude Final x7 will take place on April 5 at 20:00 (gmt +2).
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