Interlude Mid-Rate x25 is Back! - January 7.

Discussion in 'English' started by Luke, Dec 6, 2016.

  1. qqisback332

    qqisback332 Vagabond

    ++ utf. I have the same opinion. Its totally useless and we will see people with 4-5 boxes now and it will cause that game will be boring. I dont understand why admin doesnt want to change those settings. As i said above, 80 % of l2eglobal community want with 3rd buffs but admin is fckin stubborn. Judging by forum i can guess that server will be overloaded and we will have problems to even enter the game cause of fckin boxes. Additionally, gm said that community is 1st for him but as we can see he doesnt care at all. Somewhere was topic with poll and people voted that we want other option ;)
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  2. Nicotina

    Nicotina Vagabond

    10 people - Option proposed by the Administration (described in the first post)
    50 people - Other option
    Seriously admin, do you think that was the kind of change we wanted when we voted "other option"? From 20 minutes to 5 minutes? It can only be a joke!
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  3. Leverage

    Leverage Vagabond

    (Español) Hola a todos estoy buscando lugar en algun clan. Soy de Colombia y probablemente juegue este servidor . //(English) Hello everyone, I'm looking for a place in some clan. I'm from Colombia and probably play this server.

  4. techslave

    techslave Vagabond

    Can anyone help me? Whenever i try to open updater, it says: "Failed to load configuration from server. Check the settings: 1. Connectionto your ISP 2.firewalls/antivirus settings If you are not able to make settings, turn of the operation of such programs". I tried turning off the deffender and firewall, put exclusions to the files, but no effect. If i trie to launch l2.exe from system folder it says that i use illegal programs or need to update the client
  5. MrPro

    MrPro Vassal

    so sad reading for the buff change and the first heroes..
    Why not to keep it as old e-global x25 which had a great success ?!?!
  6. utfspoiler

    utfspoiler Vagabond

    +1 man, because they want to make a game as if it were low-rate style as if the old eglobal had failed, I do not understand what they want to do ....
  7. Luke

    Luke Viscount Staff Member Administrator

    [​IMG] Game Shops changes
    • C grade weapon/armor - E-Store for Adena
    • Top-B grade weapon/armor - E-Store for C and B crystals
    • Low-B grade weapon/armor - E-Store for Adena
    • A grade recipe weapon/armor - Giran Luxory Shop for Ancient Adena
    • Greater Healing Potion, Mana Potion - E-Store for Adena
    • Soulshots/spiritshots/arrows всех грейдов - E-Store for Adena
    • Other misc and Recovery Penalty, Cursed Bone, Energy Stone - E-Store for Adena
    • Soul Crystal - from 1 to 10 level at Giran Luxory shop for Adena
    • Quest Items - Premium Shop E-Store за Adena
    • Dual Sword Craft Stamp - Premium Shop E-Store за Adena
    • Basic recipe - Premium Shop E-Store за Adena
    [​IMG] Drop of items (books) on 23rd buff-slot
    Books on 23rd buff-slot can be dropped from following Bosses:
      • - Death Lord Ipos
      • - Kernon's Faithful Servant Kolone
      • - Meanas Anor
      • - Varka's Hero Shadith
      • - Varka's Commander Mos
      • - Varka's Chief Horus
      • - Vanor Chief Kandra
      • - Gordon
      • - Ketra's Chief Brakki
      • - Ketra's Commander Tayr
      • - Ketra's Hero Hekaton
      • - Uruka
      • - Queen Shyeed
      • - Plague Golem
      • - Daimon the White-Eyed
      • - Palibati Queen Themis
      • - Bloody Empress Decarbia
      • - Shilens Messenger Cabrio
      • - Anthara's Priest Cloe
      • - Bloody Priest Rudelto
      • - Flame of Splendor Barakiel
      • - Demons Agent Falston
      • - Eilhalder von Hellmann
      • - Lesser Giant Olkuth
      • - Last Lesser Giant Glaki
      • - Last Titan Utenus
      • - Cherub Galaxia
      • - Fire of Wrath Shuriel
      • - Longhorn Golkonda
      • - Kernon
      • - Korim
      • - Immortal Savior Mardil
      • - Death Lord Hallate
      • - Doom Blade Tanatos
      • - Spirit of Andras the Betrayer
      • - Beast Lord Behemoth
      • - Lord Ishka
      • - Roaring Skylancer
      • - Fafurions Herald Lokness
      • - Water Dragon Seer Sheshark
      • - Krokian Padisha Sobekk
      • - Ocean Flame Ashakiel
      • - Hestia, Guardian Deity of the Hot Springs
      • - Icicle Emperor Bumbalump
      • - Anakazel (commander-rift) - Level 68
      • - Flamestone Giant
      • - Storm Winged Naga
      • - Palatanos of Horrific Power
  8. Monk3y

    Monk3y Vagabond

    What's about buff's? Player's want 3rd on NPC Buffer. Are you listening to player's?
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  9. BlackLotus

    BlackLotus Vagabond

    Gm tell me about buff thats mean we come or not
  10. Monk3y

    Monk3y Vagabond

    Yea, 80 mins left and we still dont know WHAT ABOUT BUFFS?

    Would you answer us?
  11. kMr

    kMr Heir

    Maybe you want it. I dont like the idea to have 3rd class buffs on NPCS because then supports will become uselless bro
  12. kMr

    kMr Heir

    No 3rd class buff on NPC i guess and hope, otherwise supports will become uselles
  13. Monk3y

    Monk3y Vagabond

    Are you playing first time on interlude server like this? No1 will play on PP/WC, they will only make them for boxes.
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  14. Kazlov

    Kazlov Vassal

    for what this sux vote? Where finish change and any info from MASTER?
  15. Monk3y

    Monk3y Vagabond

    Yea, we need just a little info. Some people are still thinking about playing here...

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