Interlude Mid-Rate x25 is Back! - January 7.

Discussion in 'English' started by Luke, Dec 6, 2016.

  1. kMr

    kMr Heir

    Even in a x1 WC normally or PP is boxed and only used on Olys. But 3rd class buffs are also Renewal etc and SWS / BDS etc should be main :D
  2. BlackLotus

    BlackLotus Vagabond

    wait 50m, check, leave. Simple :) , i dont want make 4x box
  3. kMr

    kMr Heir

  4. Kazlov

    Kazlov Vassal

    u cant make 4 boxes only 3 so Prophecy/cov+ dance or song :p
  5. Monk3y

    Monk3y Vagabond

    I want to chill on this server, dont have time to exp boxes. I'm a solo player, i wont have any1 to help me with buffs. I want to have fun, not a problem with basics like buffs.
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  6. Makedonsky

    Makedonsky Heir

    Then 100500 interlude x1000 servers are avaiting you. Full buff for free, unlimited buff slot and more. No more anything to worry about, just click f1 to win.
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  7. Nicotina

    Nicotina Vagabond

    no add buffs on npc? ok. but remove it from donates! cat/horse/cov/etc selling is joker!!!
  8. Monk3y

    Monk3y Vagabond

    Makedonsky, if it's x25 server doesnt mean u need to spend hour's on exp/farming. Server's like this are for max few month's. You just got born?
  9. Beneath

    Beneath Vagabond

    "Seductive Whispers (50+ lvl) - drop x15"
    The quest is for x5 ...
  10. Vocetel

    Vocetel Vagabond

    I need help. My character dissapeared from my account, was logged after that and dissapeared from control panel as well !
  11. trolya

    trolya Засаппорчу. Сниму порчу. Staff Member Support team

    Please PM me the nickname :)
  12. Tabarnack

    Tabarnack Vassal

    what level needed to drop black haslisha mark for 3rd class Q ?
  13. Luke

    Luke Viscount Staff Member Administrator

    Any level
  14. Psychofan

    Psychofan Vagabond

    what lvl need to open private store ?
  15. Papanda

    Papanda Bamboo Lover Staff Member Community manager

    You will need to reach 30 level you use private and offline store.

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