Interlude X7 - APRIL 16, 2016

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  1. Apache Ant

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    "One more time, Interlude - Come Back to 2007 - is Real"

    REGISTRATION / IL X7 Description

    3 Brands - One Server!
    Server Created By:
    E-Global & Valhalla-Age


    That's the only Interlude x7 which will be opened this year by our Alliance!

    To say truth the past year was really rough. In this life it's not all like you want, sometimes we have to conquer huge piece of shit, but the only thing we can say "All this stuff makes us more experienced". We had great openings but all the time new problems had been arrived.
    All we did want, is to make project, which could bring new attitude to old game.
    We glad, that you support us, that you choose our side.
    We ask you to give us a chance, one more breath.
    We don't forget about all bad things which are happened before, but now we are ready to accept this challenge and overcome it.

    We will show you Lineage 2 as it must be in real!

    All you have to know about Grand Opening!

    Our budget allows us to order any advertising platforms, high-quality equipment and great team. And be sure, this time we talk not only about amount of money but their efficiency too.

    We can clearly say that we will take maximum from available resources.

    Not only words. Our interlude x7 will include player from all parts of the world. You won't have any difficulties to find comrades from your country.

    So, we are sure that this server will show us a new record as long-living Interlude!

    Huge war - huge Reponsibilities!
    This server shocks you, as the biggest arena in Lineage 2 this year.
    The best clan leaders will divide and conquer in this world. Capture top castle, kill top bosses and show them who is the Daddy!
    As administration we offer your to open full potential of Interlude chronicles.

    Experience is the only thing which can prevent your previous mistakes.

    We clearly understand that huge plans will bring us huge barriers. But we're ready for them, to overcome problems and present you really interesting universe.
    As team - we became better. Changed some of our priorities, ideas. So I think these changes will help us to avoid previous mistakes.

    Joke? Nope - that's for Real!
    Our new project will be not only supported by advertising campaigns, bonus starts, but become the main platform for the future servers.
    The any new Low-rate, we will open in Global, will unit with x7.
    You could observe the pretty similar concept with Diablo 3 (from Blizzard company).

    Thank you for attention, and be sure, we will achieve this goal together!

    Available servers:
    • Absolute x10:
      • It was our mistake, to cooperate with those, whom you can't control. We have lost control over the server that's why it was absolutely impossible for us to support you. We are really sorry about past, but now we have our own server, platform, web and other necessary stuff.
      • Nevertheless Absolute x10 is still alive and pretty good fun is here.
      • Online count (2 week ago) [​IMG]
      • Some screens(for the last 3-4 weeks):

    • Some videos from last 4 weeks "Absolute":

    About concept Future x7 server:
    It will be classic Interlude concept, with some simple idea, which makes gameplay more comfortable.
    In our plans provide you New Events, auto tournaments, services for single players and clans. Our main goal is provide you the game, as it meant to be.

    Platform: PTS

    Exact date of Grand Opening and info about the last partner will be available on 16th of March​

    Wait for the news.

    Mini Bonus to improve your mood!

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  2. Apache Ant

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    Grand Opening: 16 April at 20:00 (GMT+3)


    Dear players, Control Panel will be available from 1st April
    All files will be available from 8 April

    Server Time - GMT +1

    Created by: E-Global & Valhall-Age
    • EXP/SP: х7
    • Adena: x5 (quantity)
    • SealStone: х5 (quantity)
    • Drop: chance х5, quantity х1
    • Spoil: chance х5, quantity:
      • Pay attention about spoil quantity:
        • Amount of consumables (animal bone / steels / coal etc.) increase by chance (if more than 100%);
        • Full armor / recipes / key-materials (pieces of an equip) - won't increase;
    • Manor:
      • Manor: х1 - receive resources;
      • Manor x1 - obtaining fruets from monsters;
    • RBs:
      • RB exp/sp: x7
      • RB drop: chance x2; quantity x1
      • Epic: x1
    • Quests
      • Quest rewards (adena/exp/sp): х5
        • Except: Dangerous Seduction - adena x1
      • Quest (drop):
        • Supplier of Reagents - x2
      • The Finest Ingredients - Part 1 - х2
      • Alliance with Ketra Orcs - х2
      • Alliance with Varka Silenos - х2
      • War with Ketra Orcs - х2
      • War with Varka Silenos - х2
      • Guardians of the Holy Grail - x2
      • Seekers of the Holy Grail - x2
      • Quest for 3 profession - 1 Book of Giants и 10kk adena
      • Zero hour – х3
      • The Finest Food - х5
      • Legacy of Insolence – х3
      • Exploration of Giants Cave, Part 1 / Part 2 – х2
      • In Search of Fragments of Dimension - х2
      • Rise & Fall of the Elroki Tribe - х2
      • A Powerful Primeval Creature - x1
      • Whisper Of Dreams Part 1/ Part 2 – х2
      • Yoke of the Past – x2
      • An Ice Merchant's Dream – x2
      • Clean up the Swamp of Screams - х2
      • Blood Fiend - x2

    • Newbie Guide - you're able to receive buff till 61 level, list:

    • NPC Adventurer's Guide Miss Queen
      • Here, you could obtain No grade weapon, since 6 level (general option)
    • Equipment from start:
      • No grade shots: 1500 (for warriors), 700 (for mags)
      • 10 Scroll of Escape (can't sell / trade / drop);
      • Scroll with Wind Walk (2nd level, duration - 1 hour)
      • Bonus Program.
    • Auto-loot (drop) - OFF;
    • Epic Bosses are alive, from start;
    • Entrance to dungeon of Valakas - limitless (number of players);
    • Skills till 3rd profession could be learned without books (manualy);
    • Cursed Weapon will be activated since 2 weeks from start
    • Seven signs - since 18 April (7 days - Event period, 7 days - Seal period)
    • Grand Olympiad - since 1st May;
    • Cost for all teleports - x5, from 79+
    • Multiply boxes - 4 from the start (till 1 may, from 1st May - 9);
    • Off trade - after restart all your traders will automaticaly back to game;
      • Activating, use comand .offline
      • Price - 50.000 adena;
      • Duration - 48 hours.
    • Once per 2 weeks: saturday at 18:00, sunday at 20:00 ;
    • First sieges - 30 April & 1 May;
    • Price for all Clan Hall in auction increased 5 times;
    • Rent for all Clan Hall increased 5 times;
    • Ant Queen – 24 hours +/- 2 hours
    • Core 36 hours +/-4 hours
    • Orfen 36 hours +/-4 hours
    • Zaken - 48 hours +/-2 hours
    • Baium - 5 days +(0-4) hours
    • Antharas – 8 days +(0-4) hours
    • Valakas – 11 days
    • Frintezza – 49 hours +/-10 min
    • Switch on / off your exp.;
    • Switch on / off acception private massages;
    • Switch on / off acception trade;
    • Offline trading (cost 50.000 adena);
    • Buying 1st and 2nd profession for adena / E-Coins;
    • HWID protection;
    • Monitoring rune's bonuses;
    • Timer for all shadow items;
    • TimeTable with auto-events
    • Special event from Valhalla-Age & E-Global
    • Tournaments from WePlay.Tv
    Thank you for attention!
    We are waiting for you 16 April
    With Love, from E-Global Team!
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  3. Apache Ant

    Apache Ant Marquis Administrator

    UPDATE FROM 28.03.2016
    • By using commad .menu, you could obtain 1st and 2nd proffecion not only for E-Coins, but for adena eather.
      • 1st - 100k adena;
      • 2nd - 1kk adena;
    UPDATE FROM 04.04.2016

    • Multiply boxes - 4 from the start
    UPDATE FROM 07.04.2016
    • From the start, we will provide you from 3 - 4 boxes (depends on numbers of online), several weeks after start this numbers could be changed (depends of numbers of online). Please, try to understand, that we have to provide you quality start, and we can't tell you the exact numbers, because can't predict exact online. Do hope you support our decision. Thank you.
    • Misc (Soulshot Pack, Blessed Spiritshot Pack, Greater Healing Potions, Elixir of life (A-Grade), L2Day - Scroll of Guidance)
    • For Weapon (SA - 5,10,11 level)
    • Clan (eggs)
    • Dyes
    • Weapon (D-grade, C-grade)
    • Armon (D-Grade, C-Grade)
    • Jewellery (D-grade, C-grade)
    • Books (expand)
    • Premium Runes (+30%) and Online Runes (+10% - 15%)
    • Profession (1st, 2nd), could be eather bought for adena
    • Services (color of title and nickname, change sex, transfer character from 1 acc to other, etc.). All the services will be available in Control Panel.
    • Pets (Wolf, Cougar, Buffalo , Dragon)
    • Accessories
    All the prices and assortment of premium shop will be available 10 April on Open Beta.

    UPDATE FROM 12.04.2016
    • From the start, all the catacobs will be opened (but without drop of Seal Stones), till 18 april (when 7 sign will start).
    • Dual craft stamp will be removed from the E-Store for adena.
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  4. Rainy

    Rainy Vagabond

    Good news, have been looking for a server.
    Why so few comment?
  5. 1stCHU

    1stCHU Vagabond

    April?!!?!??! Sense Yes Yes Yes maybe March 26-27 ?!
  6. Rainy

    Rainy Vagabond

    you stupid?:eek:
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  7. Noobyforever

    Noobyforever Vagabond

    great news and I liked this music
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  8. Lexus

    Lexus Vagabond & & ??????
    open the mystery!
  9. 1stCHU

    1stCHU Vagabond

    want fast opening
  10. TheDominator

    TheDominator Grand Duke

    Good day, dear administration. Valhallas forum redirect me to there, and this is english speaking forum. Im right, then me and my people will be post there or we will have enother forums for russian speaking players, and this for english speaking?
    Sorry for my bad english, unfortunately I dont care about it.

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  11. abypro

    abypro Heir

    hey, for the administor,
    10x Absolute died, because you accepted no limit for boxes,
    fixe it, and allowed only 2 windows by PC
    And i saw a lot and a lot of BOT system, i report 10 times BOT players, they wasn't banned, Why ?

    so, forbiden more than 2 boxes online in same times if not, your server x7 will be good for 6 month no more like 10X Absolute.


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  12. Deidara

    Deidara Vagabond

    bad idea :)))
  13. Deidara

    Deidara Vagabond

    I and my dear friends we will w8 for opening
    E-Global gogogo!
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  14. Gangsta

    Gangsta Vagabond

    There will be some events when opening?
    On Absolute x10 there were many different events! ;)
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  15. Langley

    Langley Elder Moderator

    We will try to prepare for you many social events
    Thank you that you with us!
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