Interlude X7 - APRIL 16, 2016

Discussion in 'English' started by Apache Ant, Mar 1, 2016.

  1. FrauFrau

    FrauFrau Goddess Staff Member Administrator

    If you have problems logging in to the game, use the launcher.
  2. math

    math Not approved

    i tried to log my char from my desctop pc and is says that this char is binded to another pc. How can i log my char both from laptop and desctop?
  3. Prince

    Prince Vagabond

    why gm's allow play with bots? why you dont hunt bots? every day in blazing swamp i see people playing with bots. now nick welmar use bot play with da and use buffer on bot and spoiler. go look and ban him. others nick TNI and mongol
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  4. Prince

    Prince Vagabond

    Nick Amartia and prp box Memory boting in blazing swamp from yesterday evening.... maybe someone from gm can look and ban him?
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  5. AnyOka

    AnyOka Vagabond

    А почему нет информации о мксимальной заточке?:) хотелось бы узнать...
  6. Johny T

    Johny T Vagabond

    I am really excited about playing at this srvr, But I have got a problem, I cant log in. After I choose server and want to create character, nothing happends after clicking "Create". Only working button is the "relogin" one. I have tryed to turn it on wia launcher already and nothing happends.
    What should I do ?
  7. ganto

    ganto Vagabond

    And I would like to ask if you close IT x7 after Gracia Final launches? I ask coz there can't be found any gms online, no events since a quite long time, to announcements and many people are leaving, breaking weapons etc etc. Could an Administration introduce to us theirs statement in this case? I dont write to filame, i write coz i still play
  8. Apache Ant

    Apache Ant Marquis Administrator

    I got you.
    Something bloked your connection.
    The first option is to switch off antivirus or firewall, if you have such on your windows.

    If it's not about connection, i suggest you to download the client from our site, there could be file (in your client) that doesn't work properly.

    Tell me, if it helps.
    If not, i will connect you to our support team, and they help you in real time.
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  9. Apache Ant

    Apache Ant Marquis Administrator

    I already gave the answer to this question, let me show it to you:
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  10. kestaswww

    kestaswww Vagabond

    I am first
  11. AndreGos

    AndreGos Vassal

    народ че с сервером?раз нет онлайна обьедените его с другим сервом. мне нравится тут играть. уходить на тот же гф не хочу!
  12. Apache Ant

    Apache Ant Marquis Administrator

    Понимаю вас, но с каким сервером вы предлагаете нам объединить х7 Интерлюд на данный момент?
  13. AndreGos

    AndreGos Vassal

    Хотяб чтобы не закрывать сервер, объединить его с тем же ГФ х7 е-глобал. ( говоря о том что не хочу переходить на гф я имел в виду что здесь на Интер все есть и даже больше а там ничего нет. А вот через перенос чаров на гф х7 было бы супер ) не знаю как оставшиеся ребята на сервере, я был бы только рад этому!
  14. AndreGos

    AndreGos Vassal

    В принципе тот же рейт х7, тебе разработчики valhalla - e-global. Valhalla в своё время лет 9 назад делала так, даже рейты были разные.
  15. AndreGos

    AndreGos Vassal

    Подскажие так будет объединение или серв закроют?

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