[International] Warband

Well, apart from that the chronicles are pretty much pvp servers even on low rates with people doing instances all day, everyday. But the skill link is pretty cool I suppose.

laba is once per day. 2 times if you buy donate item. Kama is useless for the most part and also limited to 1 per day. How's that "all day"?

Epics are also not in instances. I think you are mistaking Epilogue for HF/Freya.

p.s. Or you mean rifts on 80+? They are limited too AFAIK
Tomorrow 25.08 after 18:00 (17:00 CET) we will be all gathering to test stuff on OBT.

Whether you are existing clanmates or new recruits - come at any time between 18-00 and 00-00. All welcome.

Have a nice day!
First post updated. We are now international clan officiallly.

Regarding the rumors spread by haters that we "will not play here" - its a lie, we will play, just with much lesser donate than we have planned initially.

All who want to start with us - 10th of september, Sunday, live start - come to our discord. Would be nice to notify me in advance, too.
Hello.. Me and my friend will play at this server and we are looking for a clan to have fun.. We havent yet in our minds what classes we will make.. if you need a class we can talk about it.. If you like us to join you pm me


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Hi ! i am going to play warsmith main character and i am looking for active clan (sieges,pvp,raids!) and i would be happy to play with international players