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Apr 15, 2016
What are we going to talk about in this topic? Many items have their own nuances and criteria in which they can be used or are meant to be exploited. And a lot of people are virtually unteachable (be they dumb or lazy AF).
Continuing the tradition and creating a topic with the description of the Item Mall and an annotation to the assortment of the following inventory - makes no sense to me this time. Since you already have a "price list" on this forum, and I can't add much to that, what was already said in other guides for "donation".
People either understand everything that was stated or happening as it is - or don't, and will probably never get the hang of it.
So, summing up - gonna go over some stuff, that we don't usually think much about, until we actually have a use it for it "here and now".
Let's roll! (this is so cheesy omg).

In this post, we will state about the items in the inventory (Butler NPC).
The npc can communicate with any character, doesn't matter weather you have karma (PK, Zariche & etc) or not.

Supplies Category

Boxes of soul-shots, quivers of arrows and bolts - are tradable. What's within: Soul-shots, Spirit-shots, arrows and bolts - ARE NOT tradable.
The same boxes and quivers have a weight of 500/1000/1000 in the same following order. Soul-shots, spirit-shots, arrows and bolts from the shop don't have any weight. You can even buy and carry a million, if you have no place elsewhere where you would want to spend your money. Speaking of which, basic arrows (that are dropped in pve) have no weight as-well. You don't need to clean your inventory every 20 minutes, when you are looting on a macro or something.

Cocktails (buffs)
• The cocktails as they are, don't have a cooldown. Which makes them quite decent in cases, where you need to spam them in GVG. But, wait.. 70 eu cents per cocktail? Nah, screw it. I have beer in my fridge that's cheaper than that. But in some "critical" cases, you might as well have some with you. At least some rebuff if you don't have a noble blessing on you.

• Cocktails - can be traded between characters.
Sweet Fruit Cocktail (Blue, duh) for warriors/physical classes.
  • Wind Walk 2
  • Haste 2
  • Bless the Boby 6
  • Might 3
  • Shield 3
  • Vampiric Rage 4
  • Guidance 3
  • Yeah, no focus. Also no Magic Barrier and no Berserker Spirit.
Fresh Fruit Cocktail (Red, duh) for mages.
  • Berserker Spirit 2
  • Magic Barrier 3
  • Bless the Soul 6
  • Bless the Body 6
  • Empower 3
  • Clarity 3
  • Wild Magic 2
  • There is Clarity and Wild Magic, there are both Soul and Body Blessings, but no Wind Walk and Shield. Mages are OP - even here *pepefrog*.
• The effects are imposed immediately and last for 60 minutes.
• The effects can be canceled.
• The effects can be stolen (Steal Divinity, for instance).
• The effects can be canceled by the user with the Alt + Click option.
• The effects, like all others are canceled during entrance into halls of Kamaloka or Labyrinth. If you want them - enter first, use them after (when you are inside). If you leave the instance zone via Scroll of Escape/Unstuck command/Return/Critical Error/Disconnect from server, you will lose the buffs upon return (when you try to re-enter), so use at your own risk.

Offline Trade Scroll
This scroll has a price of 100k Adena or one (1, duh) Family Coin (FC). But you know this already. But you should know that it is a time-limited item. That means that the scroll will exist for 24 hours from the moment you bought it. While it is in your inventory for those 24 hours, you can sit your character for offline trade. What this means, is that the item does not disappear instantly after you sit for offline trading. In other words, over the 24 hours that you have it in your inventory, you can relog to that character as many time as you want without the fear of the item expiring. It will expire when it is due, no more, no less. What is an obvious "good-side" to this mechanic is that you don't have the standard situation where you buy a Scroll, use it, it disappears and you have a technical server restart in 5 minutes, resulting in you wasting money on another scroll in the near future.

Extra Entrance Pass - ...
Tickets for resetting cooldowns on instances, of which you have 3 types that you can choose from:
• Solo Kamaloka (only for Premium Account owners)
• Party Kamaloka
• Labyrinth Of Abyss

Basically it works like this: you finish the instance, you wait for the zone to close, you use the ticket (which resets the cooldown) and you may enter once again.
You can't use more than one ticket (of each type) per day. So, you can do 2 kamaloka's, but you can't do the third one in the same day.
Tickets can be exchanged. Your party leader can gather some adena of your group, buy Family Coins of the market, buy 9 tickets from the Butler Npc, split them up with you guys, so that you can do a 2'nd Laba. Easy enough to follow, I hope?

The Expand Category.

Runes of Crystal
Personal time limited item.
There are two variants:
  • for 24 hours - 15 Family Coins
  • for 720 hours (30 days) - 145 Family Coins
How it works:
  • Makes it so that you can wear gear/weapons/jewelry above your grade, with a 5 level handicap. In other words:
    • D-grade from 15'th level
    • C-grade from 35'th level
    • B-grade from 47'th level
    • A-grade from 56'th level
    • S-grade from 71'st level
    • S80-grade from 75'th level
    • S84-grade from 79'th level
  • The bonuses from runes don't stack. You will always have the same effect (-5 levels for gear).
An opinion from a couch-expert (yeah... this might be hard to translate, so humor me a little).
There are only two moments where you might need these runes (or they may be of help):
• Exping sub classes
• S84 weapons
Let's put it bluntly (to hell with the translation, I'll just use my words):
You won't need these runes on the server release. When you get to level 56, you will be having an issue of equipping B grade, not A grade which you obviously won't have by that time. Regarding to the subs - it's easier to use a Pet (Great Wolfs, Fenrirs) to exp your sub. Some people may want to use this rune for later on for that matter, but I highly doubt it would be worth it, unless you are planning to play your sub later on (S grade for 71+ exp till 79 or something).
Since Tiat won't be open till somebody opens up Hellbound - you won't be able to use the crystal for S84 gear for a while. This item does not disturb the balance as you may think it does, it's just a bonus for what it's worth. Nothing OP about it, when nobody OR everybody can exploit it.

Mark of Giants

  • +50% weight Limit
    • Personal time limited item for 30 days.
    • Price: 15 Family Coins
Mark of Titans
  • +150% weight Limit
    • Personal time limited item for 30 days.
    • Price: 35 Family Coins
I don't think I have the stomach to translate all the mechanics of how this stuff works, so I'll just sum it up.
So, basically how it works with our inventory:

  • Human Fighter, 109.020 Weight Limit
  • + Mark of Giants = 163.540 (x1.5) Weight
  • + Mark of Titans = 272.550 (х2.5) Weight
  • + Both Marks = 408.825 (х3.75) Weight
What's important to know:
• Different marks give you summary bonuses
• Having both marks at once increases your weight limit by x3.75 (the bonuses multiply by each other, as well as that basic stats)
• The same marks don't work or multiply together (having 10 marks of Titans will result in you having the maximum bonus of x2.5)
• The basic character that gets multiplied by the marks is dictated by CON. Basically, the more CON you have - the more weight you can carry.

Other Expand Items, including the 24'th buff slot can be exchanged between characters before their use.
So, you can, for instance, buy a Expand Items "thingy" and give it to your warcryer for them to learn it. How does everything else on the list work? The usual way, you buy it - you click it, the item disappears and a passive and effect (difference) appears in your sub-skills/passives or such.

The Pets category
Seems like this should be obvious, but after reading the forums of Shock-World, looks like some people don't get it.

Pet - level - price:

  • Wolf - 15'th level - 15 Family Coins
  • Baby Kookaburra/Cougar/Buffalo - 25'th level - 12 Family Coins
  • Hatchling (wind/twilight/star) - 35'th level - 10 Family Coins (because they are useless AF)
Now, some changes:
  • The "Hunger scales limit" is increased tenfold
  • How much food restores in the hunger scale is also increased tenfold
  • The price for any food for pets in shops is also increased tenfold
This makes managing pets a lot easier and does not create any issues with balance or any exploits, it is a good thing and you should deal with it.

The Teleports Category

My Teleport Spellbooks and what to do with them?
An easy and simple mechanic that is used to create personal teleport points, in any places where "summon" spells work.

So, basically, you can't teleport into Rune Castles throne room with a siege in place or into Antharas's ass when he spawns. But, you can teleport to the Noble RB or 10'th floor of the Tower Of Insolence, no problem with that.

For example:

We have a spellbook, 2 flags and 10 scrolls.
We click on the book and by doing so, we get a new action in our Actions List.

  • My Teleport Spellbook
    - lets you create teleport points (by coordinates). You open it with /myteleport or find it in Actions.
  • My Teleport Flag
    - are needed to create personal teleport points. One flag - +1 slot.
  • My Teleport Scroll
    - are needed and used up as you teleport to the saved point. One teleport consumes one scroll.
In the end, we have a book, that gives us access to the mechanic, two flags and 10 scrolls (consumables) that are needed for teleportation.

Lets recreate a real situation. Imagine that you are a warcryer, and your task is to fly around bosses in Blazing Swamp, recalling your party:
• You get to ̶t̶h̶e̶ ̶c̶h̶o̶p̶p̶a̶ the point you want to save, open /myteleport (or click on it in the Actions List)
• You click "Save My Location", which saves the point (duh)

  • The flag disappeared - the point it saved.

  • Now we run to the next location, create another teleport point:

  • Great! Now we teleport ourselves back to the first point (double-click):

  • And we are back. The cast of the teleportation is 20 seconds, identical to the cast time of a basic SOE. When the cast ends - the scrolls disappears (not the other way around).

And that's all for the Butler (for the moment), waiting for the Vitality and Starting sets to open up.

Original written and created by TheDominator
Translated by Marshall

Link to the original: Here
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