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Discussion in 'Media' started by kMr, Sep 19, 2017.

  1. kMr

    kMr Heir

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  2. qRt

    qRt Baron

    Omfg... Why do you keep living, kmr?
    is there a mele party that didnt kill them in loa?
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  3. kMr

    kMr Heir

    Sorry I did not wanted to dissapoint a GoD's giving choice like you.

  4. felony

    felony Count

    бля, я думал у хохла свс даун.
    оказывается бывают и хуже ...
  5. qRt

    qRt Baron

    Why u heff to be that lowskilled, ugly and poor? :pomojka:
  6. kMr

    kMr Heir

    I could probably burrier your entire family with money
    And you wish you had my fingers

    About ugly I guess your right. But money makes me beautyfull I you know what I mean jijii
  7. qRt

    qRt Baron

    too much words from playmaker's 99 driver. ugly ls face

    Is there some kind of witch's curse on your face?
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  8. kMr

    kMr Heir

    Summoing @playmaker
  9. qRt

    qRt Baron

    better summon some soft to replace your askew hands and ugly face, peece

    Cyclic macro - more iq > kmr
  10. kMr

    kMr Heir

    Sdojna tupaya skatina
  11. qRt

    qRt Baron

    sorry, i dont speak barbarian or 3rd world dialect
  12. kMr

    kMr Heir

  13. Advance

    Advance Grand Duke

    lol your party lose 15+ times, 1st win with lucky medusa = fraps :panda_lol:

    p.s. u forgot add antharas :D
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  14. ах кмр как всегда красавец
  15. Raizel

    Raizel Knight

    открой 22-24 секунду и посмотри на своего берса =)

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