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Discussion in 'Clan/CP LF' started by DjPlayBoy, Sep 4, 2017.

  1. DjPlayBoy

    DjPlayBoy Elder

    -LandOfHeaven- lithuanian/international clan.
    Hello all, we are coming here for good time after work.
    If you looking for a clan to play after work, with good teammates, big pvps, pve, raids, then join us! :)
    We looking for: full cp, some groups, or single players.

    More info skype : deivisss461
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  2. Sausainis

    Sausainis Vagabond

    nebeprikolink :D
  3. Beatnuts

    Beatnuts Not approved

    hi. im interested to join :) wich classes u guys need to finish cp /in clan. :)
    regards- Beatnuts
  4. DjPlayBoy

    DjPlayBoy Elder

    Still looking for a players who are responsible and prefer team play.
    Still looking full cp friends partys to
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  5. rodrigena

    rodrigena Vassal

    interesting in destro party

    i'm from greece
    12+ years experienced in l2 (low rate servers)
    25 years old
    15+ hours online daily
  6. DjPlayBoy

    DjPlayBoy Elder

    Lf active bd,sws, good soulhound , ee and some mages
    And full cp or mini groups ( dd , mages )
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  7. 5tevelp

    5tevelp Vagabond

    Hello.. I ll play here with my friend.. We dont have CP we want to play duo cause we cant play every day at times that our CP will need us.. If you want us to join your clan PM me. My friend will make Berserker and I dont know yet what ill make.. Maybe BP.. If clan needs a different class we can talk about it!
  8. TennoHeika

    TennoHeika Heir

    This is the exact type of pvp our clan like aswell. So old school! :) I believe you guys will make a good competition.

    GL&HF, see ya in the fields of Elmoreden.
  9. DjPlayBoy

    DjPlayBoy Elder

    We give competition very well just be ready for accept clan wars :)
  10. TennoHeika

    TennoHeika Heir

    Sure! As long as you keep it up ;)
  11. DjPlayBoy

    DjPlayBoy Elder

    Still looking single players prof : ol,soulhond sws bd , 2 mages .
    And we still looking full cp or friend groups who play mages or dd .
    If you looking good clan with action international try join it ! ;)
  12. crudediamond

    crudediamond Not approved


    I will start playing here, casually, after work/studies. I will roll a bd/sws (havent decided yet). Would love to have some friends to play with.
  13. DjPlayBoy

    DjPlayBoy Elder

    Up still looking 2 mages, 1 sws and some groups/cp mages or dd
  14. SnC

    SnC Not approved

    Sv. Pref bd bet galiu sws imt. Nick SnC
  15. ammonare

    ammonare Vagabond

    Hello, your clan looks good, im going to playbd or bishop if you are intrested.

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