LandOfHeaven lf cp/ groups/ single players

Discussion in 'Clan/CP LF' started by DjPlayBoy, Sep 4, 2017.

  1. DjPlayBoy

    DjPlayBoy Elder

    lf full cp 61 +++ melee/archer packs

    Single player 70++ mages,ee,bs,slh,dd.
  2. DjPlayBoy

    DjPlayBoy Elder

    Lf full cp
    Bd,sws,mages, 70++
  3. seroslaw

    seroslaw Vagabond

    EE 50+ ???
  4. DjPlayBoy

    DjPlayBoy Elder

    Last slots we need active bd /sws/mages 66+++
    And full cp
  5. Mrwalter

    Mrwalter Vagabond

  6. DjPlayBoy

    DjPlayBoy Elder

    Still looking full cp / some single players skype : deivisss461 in game DjPlayBoy
  7. DjPlayBoy

    DjPlayBoy Elder

    Last slots 1bd/1sws/1bs/mages2/1ee/ol1
  8. DjPlayBoy

    DjPlayBoy Elder

  9. DjPlayBoy

    DjPlayBoy Elder

    LF bd/sws/bs/ee/mages 68++

    And full cp groups 70++
  10. Gux

    Gux Vagabond

    labai patiko kai 11:30 musate viena targeta minute laiko ;p
  11. abrazivni

    abrazivni Not approved

    Achievment Earned: First dead clan! *pepefrog* GG DJPlayBoY :holypeka::holypeka:
  12. HybR1dTheory

    HybR1dTheory Count

    a est' video gde eti dcp eblanie padayut on nas 5-6 raz v IT ?
  13. Horn

    Horn Vassal

    in every server i met you guys u quitted before even server went on for 1 month,u are a disgrace seriously

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