Promotions Limitless stream

Saint A.L.

Marketing & Manager
Mar 12, 2016
Hi guys!
I am glad to inform you that on April 1 the "Limitless stream" action starts.
Start the stream and get useful game bonuses!

Rewards for participation:
  1. E-Coins to the balance of your forum account
  2. Game bonuses and Media Chest.
  3. Unique cloak for stream lasting over 60 hours
Guaranteed items when unpacking:
  • Ivory Coin 50-100
  • BSOE 2-3
  • BRES 2-3
Items with an average chance:
  • Great CP 20-30
  • Great HP 20-30
  • Fresh Fruit Cocktail 3-5
  • Sweet Fruit Cocktail 3-5
  • Agathion Auxiliary Stone: Enchant Weapon (C-Grade)
  • Agathion Auxiliary Stone: Enchant Armor (C-Grade)
  • Agathion Auxiliary Stone: Enchant Armor (B-Grade)
Rare items:
  • Top-Grade Life Stone - Level 70
  • High-Grade Life Stone - Level 76
  • Box Rune Exp +30% [5 hour]
  • Box Rune Adena +30% [5 hour]
  • Box Rune Drop / Spoil +30% [5 hour]

Submission time for your applications for participation in the comments on this topic - Unlimited.
During the whole action our employees will check the streams of the participants (during the broadcasts, as well as VODs).

Requirements for participants:
  1. You need to have special banner at your stream: under your channel (for Twitch) and on your stream (for YouTube) - (Link)
  2. Enable your VODs save function:
    1. If you are a risky guy and stream on Twitch (learn more).
    2. If you are streaming on YouTube, your broadcast must be present in the videos.
  3. Your stream name must contain the name of our project - L2E-Global IL-Final x7.
  4. In the description of the stream:
    1. I play on Interlude Final from E-Global. Quality content with x7 rates:
  5. Post in this thread an application to participate with a link to your channel.
  6. In the description of the stream, as well as during it, there should be no mention of the services for the sale of game values or advertising of other projects/servers.
  7. There should not be any inappropriate insults of Administrations or E-Global / project itself (We are open to suggestions and constructive criticism, but you have to know when to stop).
  8. Do not stream being AFC (walls, fishing, etc).
  9. If any following rule or requirement has not been met - you will be automaticaly disqualification from the list (as a participent).
Rewards and it's issuing:
  1. Media Chest is issued 2 times a week (on Tuesday and Saturday)
    1. First issue of Media Chest - April 9
  2. Forum E-Coins are awarded 1 time per week (on Saturday)
    1. First issue of forum E-Coins - April 13
  3. Amount of rewards that you will earn depends on amount and duration of your stream, amount of weivers, subscribers and followers, the way you make your content, visual part, it's uniqueness and the content itself.


Jun 9, 2013
Буду стримить на 3 платформы, не знаю какой дольше проживает)))


May 25, 2013
Ну как бы топ стрим по ожиданию открытия! Ламповое общение с работягами и не только!!