Make Lineage 2 Great Again (High Five x5)

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E-Global: High Five x5 (Retail)

Open alpha-test: April 4!
open beta-test: Will be announced after Alpha-test.
Grand Opening - April 28

Oh Yeaah, we totally know how to make "Big War". Really tough fights in our game worlds.The confrontation between Clans and Allianses of different rates, play styles and chronicles. General competition among people of different languages, ages and social groups. Well, in fact, that is why we like playing Lineage 2 - cruel world with it's own character, which throw us a challenge! Where every player is unique and has the right to decide what game style to choose, make his own world, as part of The World.

Because of that, we love making games on e-Global level.

Our top priority, as it was mentioned before - to create really a living world. Each of you, despite of skill, playing time, charactes, language, your aims, will have a possibility to find people with common interests, and be a part of The World. Where everyone can become a part of a team, fighting his own way to glory!
And last but not the least - to get true emotions thanks to real, long, tough, unpredictable Total "Big War", as it must be.

Every new server requires personal approach.
The player should never put an absolute trust in any brand. On the other side, behind us there is a complex expirience of 5 ,without any exceptions,
successful servers with high online of unique players. Well, we made some mistakes at times. Nevertheless we are open to your thoughts, opinions and even criticism, and today we are ready to fight for your warmest feedback.

Pass from words to deeds, lets have a look at our previous low-rated servers: Interlude and Gracia final.

There is a classified information that some players from Official server are goint to join us.
Pass from words to deeds, lets have a look at our previous low-rated servers: Interlude and Gracia Final.

How do we manage to attract huge attention,having tens of thousands players in our worlds?

The point is not the money and advertising. The point is people and strong relationships, you are not looking for just "Official files" or "Grand opening", but for the well-organised show. Our primary resource is your trust, which has the highest value. We were able to create a community who awaits E-global servers with its unique traits and atmosphere. What is more, our team wants to justify your trust and expectations, bringing our servers to perfection.

We will make the world, which on one hand is simple and clear, even friendly to its habitants in the beginning, on the other hand - the strong will and persistense is required on your way to the heights of power. This principle affects gameplay through dynamic rates - smooth decreasing from x12 on low lvls to x3 on high levels. It includes exp, drop, spoil, quests rewards and what not, in a balanced way ofc.

In our opinion, making a long-termed server means constantly working in 2 dimentions - increasing the flow of new players and creating challenges for top players. Special bonus programs for newbies, will be available in a few days after the opening. Moreover, author's events, tournaments, Big War, living economy, multinational community will create the very atmosphere regardless of your aims.

We do have in mind the following.

We start Hive Five server for the first time and ready to face technical and social problems. Becides, this is going to be the first server with global support by well co-ordinated team from the beginning till the end.
Any server dies if a player has not interest or reached the top of the game. Our goal is to invent so called "Update system". It implies looking after server's life and making some things harder to obtain.
This topic will be explained below.
It is a question of similar concept and chronicles.There are servers with an adequate policy concerning afterlife. We believe that using acurate and fine adjusments will help players to save their efforts.

Alongside with growing recognition of lineage 2, the number of 3rd-party software has increased dramatically. While some of them are harmless and just helps to remove monotonic moments. Others on the contrary could destroy the point of the game, hacking it or f.e. giving the fastest response to another player's actions in pvp.We are totally aware of that actual problemof modern Lineage 2.

Due to these reasons our server has a unique Interface, which is desinged to make you play more comfortable, as well as bot-hunting, which includes cutting off paid Pvp scripts.The guard system was succesfully tested on our previous server, although the soft market is constantly in progress. None the less, the use of different methods gives us an opportunity to decrease its influence on players.

The very first e-Global server was famous for its regular tournaments with the support of Wepay.Tv.
Nowadays we dont turn a blind eye on this area either and it's an open secret that we have an expirienced employee in 9 vs 9 tournaments.
Futhermore, based on our players we want to hold a balanced tournament brackets.

Back to business.
It's really important the investiments to be compensated. This game is not just a hobby for us, but hard, demanding work.
We don't do any guess-work and guarantee the highest quality of Support. It took a lot of hours and money to understand the top priority of approach.
With this in mind we want create The World that suits you.

The dynamic donation system aimed at increasing server's lifetime is . No need to say that we also realise the importance of server's economy.
As well as the Gameplay must not be affected by donation.

In your personal control panel you will see the flexible discount system,special offers and bonuses.
Moreover this server will have some kind of Commission shop/salesroom which principle will be told later on.

The story of Hive Five is in your arms! but the story of Hive Five has already fallen into your arms. Let's build this World all together.
It's only the beginning, but the story of Hive Five has already fallen into your arms. Let's build this World together.

Server Discussion
Make Lineage 2 Great Again!
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Apache Ant

Grand Opening: April 28, 2017 at 20:00 (GMT +2 / Greek Time)
OBT: April 22, 2017 at 20:00 (GMT +2 / Greek Time)

Files for OBT will be available on April 22.

  • EXP x8-x5
  • SP x8-x3
  • Adena x6-x3
  • Seal Stone x3
  • Drop chance x4, quantity х1 (if chance is over 100% it won't increase a drop quantity)
  • Spoil chance x2, quantity х1 (if chance is over 100% it won't increase a drop quantity)
  • Epaulettes х2
  • Manor x1
  • Fame x1
  • Hellbound is available from the start with the maximum level
  • RB Exp/Sp x7
  • RB drop x4
  • Epic Boss Exp/Sp/Drop x1
  • Drop quest item x1
  • Quest reward (exp/sp/item/adena) x3/x3/x1/x1
Additional changes for some of the quests:
  • Supply check wizzard classes receive Devoution set, instead of Wooden.
  • Walk of Fate whole reward х3
  • Ominous News whole reward х3
  • Good Work's Reward reward х1
  • The Finest Ingredients items drop х2
  • 3rd class occupation reward: 3 giant codex, 5kk adena
  • Supplier of Reagents bag's drop х2, reward х1
  • Alliance with Ketra Orcs items drop х2
  • Alliance with Varka Silenos items drop х2
  • War with Ketra Orcs items drop х2
  • War with Varka Silenos items drop х2
  • In Search of Fragments of Dimension items drop х3
  • Yoke of the Past items drop х3
  • Relic Exploration (whole chain of quests) reward х6
  • Expulsion of Evil Spirits items drop х2
  • For A Good Cause items drop х2
  • Reed Field Maintenance items drop х2
  • Take Advantage of the Crisis! items drop х2
  • Exploration of the Giant's Cave - Part 1 items drop х2
  • Exploration of the Giant's Cave - Part 2 items drop х2
  • Dangerous Seduction х0.1
  • Bard's Mandolin х0.1
  • Pailaka - Song of Ice and Fire - level 36-42 exp x6
  • Pailaka - Devil's Legacy - level 61-67 exp x4
  • Pailaka - Injured Dragon - level 73-77 exp х3
  • Seven Signs Quests - exp х3

  • Server time - gmt +2 (greek time)
  • Autoloot - disabled
  • Off-trade - activation by using .offline command. Notification: you should buy the item in E-Store, price - 50.000 aden, duration - 48 hours
  • Skills auto learning - disabled
  • Box limit - 2-3 during the Grand Opening, 4 in future (after load decrease)
  • Cursed weapon - from the server opening
  • Chat limitation - shout/private/trade chats are available starting 20 level
Epic Bosses and Instance Zones Entrance Limits
Bosses respawn:
  • Hallate, Kernon, Golkonda 16 hours + 0..8 hours
  • Flame of Splendor Barakiel 8 hours +0..4 hours
  • Core 36 hours, +-2 random
  • Orfen 36 hours, +-2 random
  • Queen Ant 24 hours, +-2 random
  • Baium 5 days, 0..4 random
  • Antharas 11 days, w/o random
  • Valakas 11 days, w/o random
Changes to Epic Bosses:

  • The amount of experience gained for the Ant Queen killing was reduced
  • Baium level was increased from 75 to 82. His HP, p.atk and m.atk were also increased.
  • Significantly increased the amount of adena drop from Antharas and Valakas (1.5-2.5kkk)
  • The number of one-piece patterns drop from Antharas and Valakas was increased.
  • In Valakas's and Beleth's locations the character will not be sent to the town during relogin.
Epic Bosses and Instancezone entrance limitation:
  • All Epic Bosses are dead from the server opening
  • Valakas and Antharas entrance limit were removed
  • SoD (Tiat) entrance limit - 27-45 characters
  • To enter the night Zaken you need 27-72 characters level 56 or higher
Grand Olympiad
  • Start - May 25
  • First heroes - June 1
  • Battles take place during 18:00 - 0:00 (gmt +2)
Castle Siege, Territory Wars, Seven Seals, Clan Halls
Seven Seals
  • Period - 14 days
  • First period starting on - May 1, takin into account the server time, the period will start at 18:00 (gmt +2)
  • First mamons - May 8, 18:15 (gmt +2)

  • Fortresses will be available to capture from the server start
  • First Castle sieges - May 14, 16:00 and 20:00 (gmt +2)
  • Castle sieges period - 14 days, on Sundays
Territory Wars

  • First Territory Wars will start after the first sieges ends (May 14)
  • Territory Wars period - 14 days, on Saturdays from 18:00 (gmt +2)
Changes in Drop

  • Drop chance of the Anakim transformation is reduced.
  • Quantity of adena and attribute stones drop has been increased in the locations: Kokracon, Hellbound, Monastery of Silence.
  • Quantity of adena drop has been increased in the locations: Crypts of Disgrace, Mithril Mines, Plains of Lizardmen, Den of Evil, Giant's Cave.
  • Chance of one-piece patterns drop was decreased from: Bloody Karik, Bloody Berserker, Bloody Karinness.
  • Quantity of adena and attribute stones drop has been decreased in the locations: Delusion Chamber, Primeval Island, Imperial Tomb.
  • Quantity of Guiding Tea Leaves drop has been increased in the location Delusion Chamber.

Other changes

  • Now there is a possibility to teleport to the Gracia continent from NPC Gracian Survivor.
  • Warehouse Keeper and Grocer NPC's were added to the Keucereus Alliance Base.
  • PNC Teleportation Cubic were added to the Hellbound island, which will simplify movement on location.
  • The Blood Oath and Blood Alliance items can now be traded.
  • Drake Leader, Drake Warrior, Drake Scout and Drake Mage will be teleported back in the case if they will move away from their respawn points.
  • NPC Item Broker (Auction) will begin its work on May 15.

Shops and Services
More information on April 26.
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April 12 - the server will be shut down for technical maintenance for an indefinite time (within 24 hours), after this the following changes will occur:
- Server protection from third-party software will be connected
- Monsters’ drop/spoil rate will be adjusted (except for bosses and epic bosses)
- Balancing of high-level farm-locations will be carried out

After the technical maintenance a new patch will be released. It will be impossible to login the server with the old patch!

April 17 - the day of publication of the final server concept.
13 April, patch updates for test server

Patch note:
  • 3rd party software security system has been implemented (please let us know if you find any vulnerables)
  • All mobs has been rated according to server rates (exceptions: Regular Raid Bosses, Epic Bosses)
  • All high-level farm locations has been rebalanced
  • Up-to-date information regarding drop\spoil has been added
  • Colored chat has been added
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15 April, patch note:
- Spoil of Maluk Sniper mob has been fixed;
- Drop from the Epic Bosses has been rated;
- Respawn of the Epic Bosses has been setted:
  • Core 36 hours +/- 2 hours
  • Orfen 36 hours +/- 2 hours
  • Queen Ant 24 hours +/- 2 hours
  • Baium 5 days, random 0..4 hours
  • Antharas 11 days, without random
  • Valakas 11 days, without random

- Drop from the regular Raid Bosses has been rated (could be changed in future patches);
- Drake Leader, Drake Warrior, Drake Scout and Drake Mage now couldn't be moved farm from the circle of Lair of Antharas;
- Global drop-rate of attribute stones has been setted (Please note: in current patch drop/spoil is setted to x1);
- Some quest has been re-rated (could be changed in future patches);
- Minimum amount of participants of command channel to enter to the Tiat has been decreased to 27 players;
- Minimum amount of participants of command channel to enter to the Zaken(Night) has been decreased to 27 players of 56 level or higher;
- Dragon's lairs entrance limit has been removed;
- Baium level has been increased to 82 (as well as his summons). HP has been increased by 50%, P.atk and M.atk has been increased as well;
- Experience from Queen Ant has been decreased.

Cats (GMShop):
- Life Stones has been added to the GMShop;
- 2 GMShops has been added to MDT;
- Buff/restore HP/MP functions going to be added asap.
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Dear players, OBT start is postponed for technical reasons to Saturday, April 22, at 20:00 gmt+3. We apologize for any inconvenience.
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