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    Dear friends!

    We would like to bring to your attention the new service - the Marketplace.
    All users of E-volution server will be able to legally exchange gaming values for real money right at their Control Panel.

    • Centralization and automation of sales - you do not need to run somewhere and look for something. You can open or buy a lot right at your Control Panel.
    • Legality - eliminates the risk of being banned for both parties to a transaction.
    • Security - you can be sure that you will receive exactly what you indicated in the lot for your items/money.
    Currency Exchange:
    Master Account (MA) Balance
    • Your Master Account balance can be used to purchase items on the Marketplace. The seller receives the "Marketplace Balance" currency.
    • MA balance can be refilled through the donation service at your Control Panel.
    Marketplace Balance (MB)
    • Marketplace balance can be obtained by selling items at the Marketplace.
    • Marketplace balance can be used to purchase items at the Marketplace.
    • Marketplace balance can be exchanged for the MA Balance at the rate of 1 to 1, and used at the Control Panel or transfered into the game.
    • Marketplace balance can be cashed out to your payment system account, such as Qiwi, Webmoney or Paypal.
    More details about the Marketplace:
    • System is synchronized with your Control Panel.
    • System consists of the next sections: Adena, Services and Items.
    • Lots that you put out are visible to all players.
    • Players are able to purchase a part of stacked items (for example, Enchantment Scrolls / Life Stones).
    • Players are able to put up for sale as one item, as well as a complete set of things.
    • You can use the Marketplace function when the character is offline.
    • After putting the item for sale, it is removed from the inventory.
    • Marketplace start is scheduled for October 1st. Adena will be allowed to go first. The list of items available for sale will expand with time.
    Service fee:
    • When you put items for sale, a service fee is charged from the seller - 10,000 adena for every 1 MB of the cost.
    • After items' sale, a service fee of 20% MB is withheld. When placing a lot, the seller determines from whom the commission is kept: the seller, the buyer or in half.
    • Service fee from the sale is lowered depending on the business level of the seller's MA. The details are below.
    • When real funds are cashed out, a service fee is charged - 20% MB.
    Cashing out:
    • Marketplace balance can be exchanged for MA balance, also can be used at the CP or transfered immediately into the game without a service fee.
    • Marketplace balance can be transferred to your Qiwi, Webmoney or Paypal account with a 20% service fee.
    • Cashing out of real funds is made within 7 days after the registration of the application. The minimum amount available for cashing out is 15 MB.
    Master Account' Business Level system:
    • Depending on your activity on the Marketplace, you can increase the Business Level of your MA.
    • The larger the business level, the more it makes it possible to simultaneously make more lots, reduces the service fee for buying/selling lots from 20% (original service fee) down to 5%.
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