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  1. jasemin

    jasemin Vagabond

    Dear gms now that u are making merge with gf, which is a good thing cause no one is there anymore. Why dont u think of makin merge with il too. 3 servers and no one is really alive now. I think there is a way to make it happen and have a good gameplay during the summer. I understand that many players just want to play a specific chronicle for example interlude thats ok. but with 500 ppl on 300 shops they propably will not playing anymore at next months. So the only hope is makeing a huge merge and maybe i say only maybe it works :).
  2. Apache Ant

    Apache Ant Duke Administrator

    The thing is - IL community want to play mostly on IL, that's why we can't make any merge with H5, because it won't make any sence for them.
    However, we are working on new politics of fresh opening and "main" servers.
    So what we really need is: take some time to make it alive (the politics).
  3. jasemin

    jasemin Vagabond

    totally agree with that and allrdy mantion it, i know that some ppl want to play only il and some ppl want to play only hi5 etc. but as the thing goes both of servers will go down. Thats why i said i see the only hope is merge all of them, even if some go away the rest 300 ppl for example who stays are enough MAYBE to make 1 server with 1k ppl and stay alive. Its not possible to go all from hi5 to il thats why i am saying the opposite. Tnx
  4. Icek

    Icek Vagabond

    lol, they already went down. Admins destroyed the server from the beginning. That's what they wanted to do. Earn as much money as they can and in next few months open the new server because noobs will come again. Top russians CPs will come because they can earn money here as well, but they will not stay here too long because they won't sell all their adena (they're farming more than they can sell and no point to farm here, they will farm on the other new "1day" servers). If you want to play with higher online go to the official server. It's free. Here it will stay how it is and nothing gonna change. Merge servers= the most stupid thing, it won't be Lineage 2 anymore. Play with 150 online or leave. There are only 2 options you can do. And don't buy items from other russian sites!

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