Messengers of Gods - Chapter 2: Chosen's of Pa'agrio

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    Admiring the exploits of the great warriors in the Elmoraden world, Pa'agrio decided to show them his favor by blessing the elements of the battle.
    The Messenger of Pa'agrio, Farug, appeared in the mortal world to convey to all the message from God.

    Event will start on June 6, after the server restart
    Be sure to update the game client files!

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
    When hunting for monsters in such locations as Den of Evil, Field of Whispers, Field of Silence, Plains of Lizardmen, Mithril Mines, you will receive the essences of elements - Fire, Water, Light and Darkness. Bring them to the Messenger of Pa'agrio Farug in Ivory Tower. For every 100 essences of one type you can receive the blessing of the same element - one of the four rewards randomly. All items bring different benefits - use them wisely!

    Blessing of Fire
    • Totem of Fire - Power (+10% patak, +20% crit chance, +20% crit damage)
    • Totem of Fire - Wisdom (+10% matak, +20 attribute attack, +2 magic crit rate)
    • Totem of Fire - Agility (+10% patak, +200 range, +10% attack speed bow)
    • 5 Fire Stone
    Blessing of Water
    • Totem of Water - Regeneration (+10% clarity, +10 mpreg/sec)
    • Totem of Water - Protection (+10 movement speed, +10% pdef, +10% mdef)
    • Totem of Water - Restoration (+10% heal power, +10% vampiric)
    • 5 Water Stone
    Blessing of Light
    • Totem of Light - Energy (Восстанавливает энергию при получении опыта)
    • Totem of Light - EXP (Bonus EXP +50%)
    • Totem of Light - SP (Bonus SP +50%)
    • 5 Holy Stone
    Blessing of Darkness
    • Totem of Darkness - Madness (Накладывает на персонажей эффект боя)
    • Totem of Darkness - Weakness (-10% pdef, -10% mdef, -10% patak, -10% matak)
    • Totem of Darkness - Slowness (-10% movement, -10% attack speed, -10% cast speed)
    • 5 Dark Stone
    All totems are tradeble and can be stacked, but they can not be used on the Olympiad. After installation the totem exists 30 minutes. When attacking a totem a character gets flag (moves to the aggressive (flagged) state). All totems, except Light, can be destroyed.
    All effects of totems apply to both players and monsters. Effects last 60 seconds, effect renewing from the totem - every 10 seconds. You can't cancel the effects by yourself, but they can be canceled by others. The effects of the Fire totem replace the effects of Water, Light replaces the Darkness. However, the effect of the Totem of Light can be obtained along with Fire or Water.

    Effect's priorities:
    [Group А]

    P1: Totem of Fire - Power, Totem of Fire - Wisdom, Totem of Fire - Agility
    P2: Totem of Water - Regeneration, Totem of Water - Restoration, Totem of Water - Protection

    [Group B]
    P1: Totem of Darkness - Madness
    P2: Totem of Darkness - Slowness, Totem of Darkness - Weakness
    P3: Totem of Light - Energy
    P4: Totem of Light - EXP, Totem of Light - SP

    This means that any effect of group A stacks with any effect of group B.
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