New Control Panel. Secure Master Account. PIN-code.

In this thread we want to overlook the Master Account (MA) security tools that will help to protect your account.


Almost every action in your MA that cause of changes your data or anything with your balance must be approved with PIN-code. So, what it actually is and where can you find it.

In the middle part of your Control Panel (CP) you can find a MA settings. To receive your PIN-code you would need to find a file with your account data which was automatically downloaded after the registration or you can "Reset PIN-code". Then move to your e-mail and find your PIN-code there (please check spam folder as well). You can disable PIN-code autentification.

Other security functions
Logs of entrance to CP.
You can check your current IP address and logs of entrance to your CP with IP addresses of those entrance.

Logs of actions in CP
You can find the button of CP actions logs in top left corner. In new window that appears you can find all actions that was made under this CP.

Remove HWID lock
You also could remove game account HWID lock. Please note that character HWID lock couldn't be removed from the CP!