New Interlude Final X7 - April 20, 2018!

Do you really think that daggers were powerful on IL before? :)
Do you really think that daggers were powerful on IL before? :)
yes, and I can send you many more videos, and this is from the official server, what happens is that not everyone knows how to use the daggers and apart from a few years ago, here the low servers do not last long, maximum 2 months and in that time only most of the magicians, destro and maybe archers, can reach the highest level, believe me when I tell you that the dagero is a pretty killer character in interlude, just as I do not care if he gets those skills (hide and shadow step ) but as they place 2 skills quite important for the dagero in pvp should also do to the other characters, basically tyran, gladys, dwarves, sws, bd, poleros, ol, wc, pp, archers, remain the same while to daggers, and magicians give skill to pvp
apart from that the daggers in the interlude throw a lot of lethal and bluf, and in GF the low probability, you practically do the best of the dagero in interlude with those of GF, just needed to place the skill of 83, I invite you to watch the videos, even in the official they say "2 lethal followed OMG"
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Please upload the Game Client and LauncherUpdater somewhere else as well and provide more links cause those are broken or require payments wich is dumb.
Just checked all the links on our site and they all are working (game client and updater) -
You need to download the client at first and install it. After this put the game folder to the antivirus and firewall exclusions.
Then please download updater and install it in the root folder of the game, run it and make a full check. That's all.
There will be Kookaburas for mages which is already OP without good Pet items, but GW with eq fang 40patk is realy peace of sh*t, are u serious?
Actually, this evolution has the best attack stat of all wolf's evolutions except fenrir. It is just variety dude. Launch this server!

I've tested about 75% of this beta, and I'm satisfied with the geo-data and the performance of the system, I just hope auto-pick up get set up.

Stigma of Shillien
  • Decrease P.Def for melee and ranged weapon for ~20% on max level. Exception: two-handed weapons. Duration: 30 sec. (for example: Hex decreases the enemy's P. Def. by 23% for 30 sec)
  • Can be learned at level 40 (Skill level 1)
it will work for ranged weapons too ? is this for a reason or is a mistake ?

Successful raid
  • Accepting this quest and then killing any Raid Boss in the world - come back to the NPC Pathfinder Worker (Newbie Guide) and receive your reward.

    what is gonna be the reward for this ?

  • Clan Unity bonuses:

    • Clan Unity 1 lvl - EXP/SP bonus +7%. Life/Mana Regeneration +7%. PvE Attack/Defence +3%.

    • Clan Unity 2 lvl - EXP/SP bonus +10%. Life/Mana Regeneration +10%. PvE Attack/Defence +5%.

    • Clan Unity 3 lvl - EXP/SP bonus +15%. Life/Mana Regeneration +15%. PvE Attack/Defence +7%.

  • its gonna stuck with Vote Rune? its gonna be a Vote Rune in this server?

    its gonna be a Level Limit for second floor in Cruma ?

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