New server and plans for future


Project Manager
Mar 12, 2013
Dear Averians and future players of our project, first and foremost - make "ctrl + с" of this topic address bar and send it to your friends via messengers ;).

I would like to write in this message a lot of inflated phrases and encouraging promises about what a great future our project will have.
However, graceful phrases are not able to soften sharp corners of those facts which are worth talking directly, without couture.
We did not support the trends of this market on time, did not agree with the bulk of the audience, which required us to make more balanced decision regarding the choice of the servers concept and the Grand Opening policy in general.
But the market is alive and active, and either you go with the times, or you are overboard. Our mistakes cost us dear, it's true. But it is these mistakes that form the most valuable experience.

It's not a secret that for the last two years I have been as busy as possible with my main activity: - everyone interested is invited (sponsored feature) :thumbsup:.
But this does not diminish my love for the activity I started with.
Averia - a native abode not only for our team, but also for the majority of players. We always remember and appreciate it.
It is for this reason I decided to make our team amendment and support the project, not only due to its business income, but also by external grants from Alteza. Let's leave aside the sophistry, it's time for a change.

You will receive detailed answers to two questions in this thread:
  • In what direction will Averia develop in the following years, and what will change?
  • When to expect the next server, what will it be like?
Let's start with the main thing: updates on the project:

We have made a small recruitment in the last two months: we've got a full pack of technical specialists, a game designer, a marketing specialist, and other team members with equally important roles. Of course, it will take time to show good team-work, but it is a good start.

Portfolio of Averia games.
  • PvP High Five servers with modifications and innovations [Java]
We plan to create 1 main PvP server, which online will be fueled by a small but stable inflow from new PvP servers and game updates, which in turn guarantees the safety of the acquired assets and sufficient online for an interesting game.
Each new PvP server (season) on Averia, in turn, will have a special innovation, which can lend variety to a monotonous and annoying routine.
  • Low-Rate High Five from Averia [OFF-Like]
Let's be honest. I have not seen a single low-rate Java server (with rare exceptions) that would have lived longer than a month, and this applies not only to the H5 market. The reasons that influence this are many: starting from the organized community, which has greatly thinned out since the launch of the Classic, ending with the mechanics of the game platform itself.
If the low-rate takes place, then only the OFF-Like, with only fierce war and the objective reason to stick in the game for 24/7.
Averia has own thoughts on how this should be organized. For this reason, we confess, we bought the original High Five assembly and hired an appropriate developer.
  • Game modification based on Classic [Top Secret]
This is a sessional version of Lineage 2 from Averia.Ws team, it may be said that this is our own game based on the Classic client.
At the moment, its development is conducted in closed mode, away from the eyes of "ordinary mortals." I have no right to go into details, however, this is not another RvR universe with a huge world where online is divided among a variety of locations. Everything is much simpler, more casual, more interesting.
The approximate date of the first test (CBT) release: July-August 2018.

Services - is what our project personifies.
We have in the near future plans to introduce modern updates into the obsolete web binding, namely:
  • Release of the new version of the site and control panel - March.
  • Release of the new forum version - April.
New server - "Rise x55 [PvP]", April 6.

Waited, missed us? And we missed you, honestly! :D
We analyzed the launches of our servers for the last two years, and defined a common model, which in our opinion is the most successful and was well received by the audience (based on positive feedback).

We decided to combine everything that you love so much and what you expect from Averia so that each player finds an activity for himself.
We also created comfortable conditions for fans of unhasty development rate. Detailed configuration of the server will allow everyone to relax in the game after a busy day and spend a good time in a good company.
We have not forgotten about those who want to rush into battle from the very first minutes of the game. Therefore, PvP-direction has a special role in the concept of a new server. If you prefer to kill every day hundreds of players, and not monsters, you can be sure that this server is perfect for you. Due to the uniqueness of the game store, especially active fighters will be able to develop their character without spending time on the usual mining of resources and other items.

In addition to all the above, we have prepared a lot of events both entertainment and PvP-based component of the game, which will appeal to both types of players. We hope that you will not have time to be bored, no matter what version of the game you choose.

The correction work and analysis of the reviews allowed us to improve the existing server model, so that we could create a unique platform with an exciting and comfortable game for our users.

  • The Grand Opening of the new server will take place on April 6, at 20:00 Moscow time.
  • Description of the server concept - the beginning of March.
The key question:
Together with the description of the Rise server concept.

We look forward to your feedback and comments, it is time to go home!:thumbsup: