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Sep 5, 2016
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Dear friends!

On the Evolutionary Server, a newbie helper is available. A useful NPC that provides free magic support for you up to level 62. You can find it in all major towns under the name "Adventurers' Guide", and in the initial villages under the name "Newbie Guide".

In order to use Helper's services, select "Check the list of available supplemental magic".

The Newbie Guide will offer you ready-made sets for the mage/warrior and pet/summon. And you have the opportunity to choose specific skills from the list.

There is an opportunity to purchase access to Helper after level 62 for additional cost:
  • 30 days - 15 Family Coin
  • 10 Family Coin = 1 EUR or ~ 70 RUB.
  • Purchase is available from the NPC "Family Store" under the "Newbie Help" button
The player is able to see the whole list of Helper's skills starting from level 1. Effects last 60 minutes. Effects are not canceled when entering an instance.

Family Improved Combat
Combines P. Atk. increase and P. Def. increase to have more advanced combat power increase effect. Increases P. Atk. by 15% and P. Def. by 15%.
Family Improved Magic

Combines magic power increase and magic resistance increase to have more advanced magic ability increase effect. Increases M. Atk. by 75% and M. Def. by 30%.
Family Improved Condition
Combines Max HP increase and Max MP increase to have more advanced mental and physical power. Increases Max HP by 35% and Max MP by 35%.
Family Improved Critical Attack
Combines Critical Rate increase and Critical Damage increase to have more advanced critical increase effect. Increases Critical Rate by 30% and Critical Damage by 35%.
Family Improved Shield Defense
Combines shield Def. rate increase and Shield Defense. increase to have more advanced shield ability increase effect. Increases Shield Defense by 30% and Shield Defense by 50%.
Family Improved Movement
Combines Spd. increase and Evasion increase to have more advanced movement increase effect. Increases Speed by 33 and Evasion by 4.
Family Chant of Blood Awakening
Combines party members' general attack damage absorption and Atk. Spd. increase to have a more advanced blood awakening effect. Increases Atk. Spd. by 33% and bestows the ability to recover as HP 9% of the damage inflicted on the enemy with a certain probability.

Family Acumen
Increases Casting Spd. by 15%.
Family Wild Magic
Increases by 2 the damage rate of magic.
Family Clarity
Decreases physical skill MP Consumption by 20%, magic skill MP Consumption by 10%, and song/dance skill MP Consumption by 20%.
Family Resist Shock
Increases Stun Resistance by 40%
Family Mental Shield
Increases Hold/Sleep/Mental Attack Resistance by 50.
Family Berserker Spirit
Decreases a party member's P. Def. by 8%, M. Def. by 16% and Evasion by 4, and increases P. Atk. by 8%, M. Atk. by 16%, Atk. Spd. by 8% and Speed by 8.
Family Concentration
Decreases magic cancel damage by 53.
Family Haste
Increases Atk. Spd. by 33%.
Family Guidance
Increases Accuracy by 4.
Family Decrease Weight
Increases the weight penalty interval by 9000.
Family Regeneration
Increases HP Regeneration by 20%.

Family Sharp Edge
Sharpens a bladed weapon to increase P. Atk. by 5% and Critical Rate by 20%.
Family Spike
Adds a spike to a blunt weapon to increase P. Atk. by 5% and its weight for shock attacks by 8%.
Family Restring
Enhances the string of a bow or crossbow to increase P. Atk. by 5% and range by 100.
Family Case Harden
Enhances the armor surface to increase P. Def. by 10%. Only affects characters in heavy armor.
Family Hard Tanning
Tans armor to increase P. Def. by 5% and Evasion by 2. Works only on light armor users.
Family Embroider
Embroiders a robe to increase P. Def. by 5% and MP Recovery Bonus by 2.
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Magic people voodoo people oO,
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Sep 5, 2016
74 1 1
The first post was updated. The changes took effect after the morning restart on November 17.

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