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Discussion in 'Interlude х25' started by FrauFrau, Jan 2, 2017.

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  1. CrisMuyo

    CrisMuyo Vagabond

    Fixed it. i created another game account and tried to login with it, it worked. i guess the other one had a bug of some sorts.
  2. Hndsm

    Hndsm Vassal

    There's no way to get karmian gloves so u can't get the set bonus. Can u add it in the luxury shop?
  3. humbuk

    humbuk Vagabond

    bugs i found:
    1) E-store - clicking on armor / weapon C/B grade for Adena doesn't bring up any window to actually buy an armor (purchase for ecoin/coupons works correctly)
    2) Cake buffs description say "Temporarily imposes magnus chant" even tho it's cov/catbuff/etc cake. Bug applies to both cake item and cake buff.
    3) After learning divine inspiration lv6 damage no longer shows in msg window upon hit (i still get Critical hit / carefully nock an arrow messsages). There was no problem with this prior learning of divine inspiration.
  4. [​IMG]

    weapongroup.dat issues.
    can anyone help?
  5. Mephisto

    Mephisto Vassal

    Add jewels C / B grade for ADENA in gmshop
  6. EllinaTor

    EllinaTor Vagabond

    Can you change rate of quest blood fiend and the others low rate Q? Cause its all rate x1
  7. LEX

    LEX Support Staff Member Support team

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  8. Kush

    Kush Vagabond

    Quests are still x1 :p
  9. dessoul

    dessoul Vagabond

    not sure if reported previously but you can actually use bsoe to escape opponents on Olympiad games.
  10. eurodollar

    eurodollar Vassal

  11. eurodollar

    eurodollar Vassal

    Infinity shots doesnt activate, tested only bss
  12. irigoy22

    irigoy22 Vagabond

    chek quest of giant cave.. papirus x1...
  13. Grigss

    Grigss Vagabond

    Why spoil is x1? I went to HS, shouldn't it be x10?
  14. LEX

    LEX Support Staff Member Support team


    You are using an old server patch. After we put the current patch - they will work as it should be

    We know about the problem, will fix it in the near future. Thank you

    Will check rates in Hot Springs. Thanks for your feedback
  15. Grigss

    Grigss Vagabond

    I got it. When i click on mob it shows x1 chance for drop and spoil, but it works x10. Can u fix that? To see what real drop rate is.

    2nd thing is: in luxury - features say that - i can find a grade recipes, but when i checked it - i saw only weapons A, tallum and DC armor rec's. Why majestic is missing for example?
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