OBT - Interlude Final x7 - 10 April! (Today)


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Dear Players!
Open Beta Test of Interlude Final x7 server will be available on 10 April at 19:00 CEST.
The end of the OBT is going to be in 24 hours before Grand Opening

Grand Opening:
20 April at 19:00 CEST

You will need Interlude Final game client to enter the server.
(Regular Interlude game client will not work)

Usefel links:

You will have access to special funtions at NPC Test Sever Helper during the OBT:
  • Premium Account;
  • Increase character level (maximum 80 level);
  • Decrease character level;
  • Get 1st, 2nd and 3rd class transfer;
  • Sub-class;
  • Noblesse status;
  • Unlimited game currency;
  • Life Stones;
  • Any consumables;
  • Any dye;
  • Scroll of enchanctment;
  • Any Pet;
  • and many more.
After the end of the OBT - every character and equipment will be deleted.

Grand Opening - 20 April at 19:00 CEST
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Game Client and updater of Interlude Final is going to be available in 30 mins (approximately).
Aperrantly we have to switch OFF all fire walls and anti virys programs. + make register with allowed exe files in firewall. otherwise it wont run true