One weekend - double joy on Gracia Final x7

Discussion in 'English' started by FrauFrau, Jan 26, 2017.

  1. FrauFrau

    FrauFrau Goddess


    Dear players, we are glad to inform you with some good news!
    27, 28 and 29 of January the rates on Gracia Final server will be increased!

    New rates are going to be implemented after regular morning restart.

    exp/sp x2 drop x2 spoil x2
    RB x2, seal stone x2*
    + Fame Rune (+50%) 3 day

    We are thinking to make this event on regular basis, but we want to ask your opinion first. What do you think?
    *based on current rates
  2. kapi

    kapi Knight

    What about that fame rune? do we have to buy or is that a gift for everyone? cause i dont see it in my inv, just askin :)
    edit: ok, iv looked at some low char first, guess only nobless chars got it or smthng ... got it on my main ;-)
    Last edited: Jan 27, 2017
  3. FrauFrau

    FrauFrau Goddess

    Runes were added to the quest inventory of all characters beyond 52 level, this is our gift to players.
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  4. kapi

    kapi Knight

    Thanks for the additional info and thanks for this, its actually one of very few things that im glad u added and 100% agree with that :))
  5. Daky

    Daky Vagabond

    I like this event already, but i would like to ask, when will you do restart to implement the rates? Because they are still normal. :(
  6. trolya

    trolya Magic people voodoo people oO, Staff Member Support team

    Double rates on Gracia Final server were implemented intime and are properly working now - we've checked it.

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