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Discussion in 'Suggestions & Questions' started by Kaos, Sep 14, 2017.

  1. Kaos

    Kaos Heir

    Hello L2e-Global admins,

    pls consider adding this feature because is very useful when you want to search a specific item. afaik is available, you have just to configure it ;)

  2. trolya

    trolya Magic people voodoo people oO, Staff Member Support team

    Thank you, this is a very interesting proposal. We had a similar service on one of our previous servers too.
    We forwarded your proposal to the administration for considiration.
  3. Kaos

    Kaos Heir

  4. trolya

    trolya Magic people voodoo people oO, Staff Member Support team

    We understand your impatience, but such services can not be developed and implemented quickly. Especially considering that today we have many other priority tasks besides them. For example, one of these days the rating system on CP was implemented -
  5. tenzoku

    tenzoku Vagabond

    wow you delete my post, admin, good job, i'll delete my chars now.
  6. Kaos

    Kaos Heir

    I forgot to answer here... but again this is a MUST for a good market and economy... and if you want to keep server alive...
    this feature that u mention it was not implemented by you or your team.. all this account manager is Elfocrash work (see
    2nd of all this feature that I requested is already implemented and even if is not ( but I know for sure it is) is very easy to implement, because this "framework" is very nice designed and easy to configure it.
  7. kons

    kons Vagabond

    is the real market auction house ready?i cant find it on my cp. wasn't supposed to start October 1st? when will it start?
  8. LEX

    LEX Support Staff Member Support team

    We will postpone the market auction opening for a certain time. The launch of the market auction at such an early stage of server progress will lead to unpleasant consequences. Please, wait for news
  9. kons

    kons Vagabond

    so when is the estimate of the auction house?
    btw the unpleasant consequences you talking about are basically you afraid that someone will pay to win.but cant allready do that?by buying family coins and then selling them for adena(400k each are allot money)and then with the adena buys the gear he wants?

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