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  1. bankeris

    bankeris Vagabond

    Then i started to play it was 4000+ players, today i checked again because I'm like a ghost in a server. I saw on website 500 players... at 18h GTM+2.. what happend? can anyone guide? :)
  2. LEX

    LEX Support Staff Member Support team


    Unfortunately, this is the specificity of the lineage 2 community. Besides, it's summer time, a lot of players just decided to take a break from game.
  3. jasemin

    jasemin Vagabond

    guys its ok with 1k-1.5k we can still have a good game esepcially during summer all servers all almost dead. All ppl joininh another great opening server and boom in 1 month from 5k ppl to 500ppl. Play stable dont quit immediatle cause 3-4 big clans leave stay and YOU make a fresh start. Make new clans and allies farm epics make pvp to be the server alive again. Good luck to everyone and take INITIATIVES dont w8 from the others to make YOUR game.
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  4. driftking

    driftking Vassal

    I think part of the reason players left are those beginner boxes with d-a grade weapons, it gives some sense of achievement(which is addicting) when you finally get a higher tier weapon but when you get it for free it's just meh. Also a grade armor in shops contributes a lot to do that too it just doesn't feel like you deserve it but you get it anyway without much effort
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  5. jasemin

    jasemin Vagabond

    guys il server its open with 600 ppl from january. plz dont cry and make the game better, with 1k or 5k game its game. Continue and keep going
  6. bankeris

    bankeris Vagabond

    not sure or worth time to spend here anymore. 500 online ~100-300 shops/bots. Alone in the darkness, cant even find parties for Kamaloka 50+. RIP
  7. Icek

    Icek Vagabond

    because admins let russians to sell everything on russian websites. Probably admins got profit from this. You are getting x20 mails everyday with offers of selling adena/items/e-coins. Admins could easy block it but they did nothing. Nobody wants to lose because someone else bought top eq from russian bots. Ez money for holiday.
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  8. bankeris

    bankeris Vagabond

    seems you are right, each time i tp giran/aden/oren i recieve 1 adena with offer to buy :)
  9. lumix

    lumix Vagabond

    well i think it is a big problem with us, because when ppl dont play to much like when server started, we just begun to talk about that server is dying and it means we just take it as fact and is not true, its same, when people watching stupid TV and you see in news something and you just take it is true, but in real its fake!!!
    We are together killing this server!! because we are talking about. Now if you open LOOKING FOR PARTY app. you can see only server is dying, dont play and other sh1ts, so we are creating worst this situation. The true is, maybe some left server and ppls are always leaving games, but server started dying because we share the msgs between us. This is real!!! We trust in something because someone said it!!!! Crazy. if you want play, just play, but do not tell to ppl is dying, because never will be better.

    have a good night :)
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  10. lumix

    lumix Vagabond

    look at this, this ppl creating worst feeling about server and for new ppl is no motivation. What I really miss in server rules is ban or some punish if you are hater!!! or share bad news. For example in this picture, or Craft siting in giran with title SERVES IS DYING, or DONT PLAY HERE. Idiots.

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  11. DestroyerMan

    DestroyerMan Vagabond

    hahaha totally made it in that picture :D :D :D
  12. jasemin

    jasemin Vagabond

    yes i totally agree maybe admins should ban this guys so much democracy in a private server its not good. But as the server being open there i still a possibility of other ppl come back again. Not the big russians clans we know what they do in every server farm 2 months sell everything and gone. But other ppl maybe come back again not many servers open during the summer.
  13. jasemin

    jasemin Vagabond

    let them leave and start the server again form 0 . there are still many players out there especially low cause they play alone make some clans/pts to benefit from this and may the server be alive all the summer to have fun at least with 800-1k ppl. Many servers opens and stay with less ppl. Dont see only the numbers but the quality of ppl two. Its useless if 2k ppl in 3 big allies with russians clans plays and 1k ppl farm around 50lvl u cant do anything in that case.
  14. S3Ri0us

    S3Ri0us Not approved

    Democracy? In a server that if you don't speak russian you are forever alone? In a forum that you can't post? Make the server IP locked only for russians and enjoy your game, full of bots and donators in a server that real money make the players and not skill,farm and time. Bye.

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