Podcast with a Clan Leaders IL x25 - December 28!

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    Podcast with a Clan Leaders of upcoming Interlude x25
    28th December at 18:00!
    (CET, GMT+1)


    On E-Global Twitch channel:

    Pay Attention! You can win Premium Rune during the podcast. Details below
    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

    New chapter for each of us! Clan Leaders and Administration of E-Global will gather to discuss some gossips, Big and Middle war balance and all other interesting that is waiting for us on upcoming Interlude x25, which is going to open on 7th Jenuary. You will find out about latest news, tricky questions that was prepared by our hosts and unexpected twists.
    This is a good way to spend cold winter evening with a cup of tea during a conversation with a nice company. ;)

    Our Hosts:
    Friggi & RobinN

    Our Guests:
    On behalf of E-Global:
    • Apache Ant - Owner of E-Global :deIlluminati:
    Clan Leaders of upcoming Interlude x25:
    • ExcuseMe - Clan Leader of xSide :BibleThump:
    • Meatboy - Clan Leader of Future :mad:
    • GuKa4 - Clan Leader of darbojiu :eek:
    • DmGxD - Clan Leader of 3nF :cool:
    • RobinN - Clan Leader of highskill :D
    • PlayMaker - Clan Leader of Smite ;)
    • AgroStudentPWNZ - Clan Leader of NightFury o_O
    • Sheckler - Clan Leader of Tr1ada :rolleyes:
    • Coca1nInside - Clan Leader of TheStripClub :confused:
    • MrPro - Clan Leader of GlobalAbuse
    • kMr - Clan Leader of reveNge
    • If you are a Clan Leader of clan and you are interested to take part in our podcast - please contact our host Friggi at the Forum or via Skype: kaeha74
    We have prepared 5 prizes, that you can win during the podcast:
    • Winner of "VK Repost event #1", reward Premium Rune - Forever
    • Winner of "VK Repost event #2", reward Premium Rune - 7 days
    • Best question at the Forum, reward Premium Rune - 7 days
    • Best question at the VK, reward Premium Rune - 7 days
    • Best question at the Twitch, reward Premium Rune - 7 days
    Conditions of "VK Repost" event:
    1. Join our group https://vk.com/inlineage2
    2. Add us to the friend: https://vk.com/id357337844
    2. Share (repost) our post to your "profile wall" (https://vk.com/inlineage2?w=wall-82148309_17180)
    3. You must have more then 30 friends on your account.
    The winners going to be announced online at the end of the podcast on our twitch channel twitch.tv/l2e_global
    Conditions of "Best question" event:
    The conditions of this event is pretty simple. Just ask a interesting question to any guest of our podcast. Only questions that been read by our Hosts will take part in the lottery! You can ask your questions at::
    1. Forum - you can leave your questions in the comment of this thread.
    2. VK - (https://vk.com/inlineage2?w=wall-82148309_17180)
    3. During the podcast on our Twitch channel twitch.tv/l2e_global
    The winning questions going to be picked and announced by our hosts Friggi & RobinN
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    Администрация будет толкать речь или отвечать на англоязычные вопросы из чата? Или это приглашение англоязычной публики на курс изучение русского языка? :frog2:

    //я, всё; увидел последний споилер.
  4. NW.

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    там вроде среди КЛ-ов есть и представители забугорнных сообществ. думаю ведущие в курсе
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    English podcast or riot.
  6. kMr

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    Im in :D
  7. Armstrong

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    Будет запись стрима?
  8. Luke

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    Да, будет запись на ютубе - ссылку опубликуем на форуме и в соц. сетях :)
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    когда?, пришёл с работы, надо посмотреть, что там пиздели некоторые личности
  10. NW.

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    на канале есть видеозапись стрима
  11. dmkdi

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    захария затащил подкаст, жаль все слились уже XD
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    coming too =)
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