Podcast with Clan Leaders and Administration - Gracia Final x3

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    Podcast with Clan Leaders and Administration
    E-volution Gracia Final x3
    7 September, start at 19:00 (CEST)!
    Live broadcast on:

    Please note! ТыYou can win Family’s Ancestral Treasures! Details below.

    At this moment we can proudly announce that we are raedy to Grand Opening of new E-Volution Gracia Final x3 server, which was prepared by Lineage II Family (E-Global \ Shock-World \ Valhalla-age).
    7 Spetember we will have a chance to hear some RU-speaking leaders (they will be translated only if in twitch chat you will ask for it, in other case they will not be translated) and after them - leaders of English-speaking clans. We will find the opinion of different leaders regarding Mid-war and big-war, GvG-tournament and future alliance etc. Don't miss your chance to find out and ask your questions via chat.

    Friggi & Finch
    On behalf of Administration:
    • Apache Ant (E-Global)
    • Xeonc (AdvExt64, Tech. lead)
    • Моta (Shock-World)
    On behalf of Ru-speaking community of E-volution GF x3:
    • [​IMG][​IMG]ExcuseMe (clan: xSide)
    • [​IMG][​IMG]keltaa (clan: Irreale)
    • [​IMG]joleepwnz (clan: AON)
    • [​IMG][​IMG]cTPaTer (clan: Incognito)
    • [​IMG] GreasyMonster (clan: Gardarika)
    • [​IMG][​IMG] TheSapphire(clan: NightOfHorror)
    • [​IMG][​IMG] TennoHeika (clan: Warband)
    On bahalf of Eng-speaking community of E-volution GF x3:
    • [​IMG]DjPlayBoy (clan: LandOfHeaven)
    • [​IMG][​IMG]Ferrari (clan: Alliance)
    • [​IMG][​IMG]kMr (clan: Icarus)
    • [​IMG][​IMG]Lihiy (clan: FuelDeBarbares)
    *the list of the participats can be changed
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