PR-event "Global adventure in E-volution x3"

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  1. Langley

    Langley Elder Moderator

    Dear players!

    Take part in our marathon! Complete different tasks and receive a guaranteed rewards, and also the possibility of winning Premium Accounts, bonus codes for donation coins, and different items for a comfortable game.


    Please also pay attention on a regular giveaways in our Facebook group and Discord.

    Winners will be awarded during few days after the server Grand Opening.
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  2. trolya

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    Results of PR-events:

    [Task №1: Facebook]
    [​IMG] #Facebook
    1 - Esteban Villasante -
    2 - Rafa Maia Xiribita -
    3 - Algis Misiukas -
    4 - Burokas Simas -
    5 - Uiles Fernando -

    1st place - Package of Unique Family’s Ancestral Treasures
    2nd place - Premium account for 30 days
    3rd place - Family Pie
    4th place - Lucky Four-leaf Clover (for 1-78 Levels)
    5th place - Accessory of your choice

    To receive the prize, please contact us by writing in the group's private messages.

    [Task №2: Skype]
    [​IMG] #Avatar and status
    Prizes are given to all participants. If you did not specify your account, or made a mistake in its name - write to our Skype.

    [Task №3: Instagram]
    [​IMG] #Subscribe

    [​IMG] #Make a post

    We wrote to the winners in Direct with further instructions.

    [Task №4: Discord]
    [​IMG] #Add friend
    We wrote to the winners in PM with further instructions.

    [Task №5: answers to questions]
    Will be issued during the day (September 13), due to heavy workload.
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