PR-event "Hype train goes to High Five!"

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1. To make myself nostalgic again in the amazing world of L2
2. Never heard about it, but sounds interesting. More oppinion I can give after I'll see what that means exactly
3. If that will be true, I'll hail all the staff, and COME ON... it's only fun when you have earned it! Not with some bot or so.
4. At the moment I'd keep my focus on the H5 one, further escalations will be seen.
Task #3: Memories

1. What do you expect from this server? I expect high-stability crowded server with lots of action and wars, drama, fun - that's what makes Lineage 2 be L2 at it's finest.
2. What do you think about "political" arena on this server? Which side are you going to join? Im a pretty neutral solo player that jumps in and out to different kind of parties, so i don't really concern myself with things like that, but i guess i'll join some kind of international zerk for communication with others and raids, sieges.
3. What do you think regarding the fact that 3rd party software wouldn't work on our server, even pay-to-use software? We don't need to bullsh*t anybody, every mmo has bot's and stuff like that, Lineage 2 is no exception, we can't change that, or hide it and E-Global team can't be at fault for doing the best they can to suppress the use of 3rd party software, as a part of this community i can only thank you.
4. Are you interested to play on Classic 1.5 server with further upgrade to 2.0+ from E-Global? Sounds like an interesting idea, but realistically speaking if you want income - that's not going to work, servers die, they need to die so Lineage 2 stays alive, L2 is a seasonal game, i think wipe's are an essential part of the game, and classics won't get big crowds like HF, or IL low rates, and it will die out pretty soon, but i would definitely try it, thought bringing up a topic that has no connections with current server is quite wierd on my behalf, but that is none of my business, im looking forward to the server and thank you for the accessories.


Magic people voodoo people oO,
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Dear players!

PR-event "Hype train goes to High Five!" completed!
Rewards will be given in the nearest future!

Task #1: Facebook
The names of the winners were announced in our Facebook community -
We ask the winners to write our group in PM for receiving bonus codes for prizes.

Task # 2 Skype
Bonus codes for prizes will be sent to those, who fulfilled the conditions of the task, in Skype from

Task # 3 Memories
Bonus codes for prizes will be sent in PM on forum to those, who fulfilled the conditions of the task.

Rewards were already issued! If you did not receive your reward for one of the promotions for some reason, contact Administrator in PM (if you participated in Vk - in the PM of our group in Vk, if participared on forum - in PM Administrator on forum, if in skype - io PM to our Support Skype).
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