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    The Premium Account can be bought at Control Panel in Services. Premium Account affects on every character of your game account, as for the bonus items - they are transferred to the chosen character. PA can't be bought again before the previous will be expired.
    Price Premium Account - 75 E-Coin.

    What is the Premium Account and what bonuses it gives to the player?
    Premium Account is a special status of you game account, which gives the following perks for all the characters on your account.
    EXP Bonus no
    SP Bonus no

    Spoil Bonus +100% (x2) spoil chance
    Item Drop Bonus +100% (х2) drop chance
    Adena Drop Bonus +30% quantity
    RB drop bonus no

    Fame Bonus 200% (х2)

    PC Cafe access yes
    Kamaloka access yes
    Off-trade yes (coupon for PC Point)

    Bonus Items
    [​IMG] Aqua Elf Transformation Harp 28-Day
    [​IMG] Agathion Seal Bracelet - Lakinos 28-Day

    PC Cafe
    This is a special service for PA owners. To get this service, find Adventure Guildsman in any town (PC Bang Point is required).
    PC Bang Point is awarded for entering (1000 points) and staying in (100 points every 5 minutes) the game.

    What is available for PC Cafe members?
    Special Shop
    Special buff for the player and its pets/summons
    Buff duration - 60 min
    [​IMG] Wind Walk lvl 2 - 30 pc point
    [​IMG] Shield lvl 3 - 20 pc point
    [​IMG] Magic Barrier lvl 2 - 40 pc point
    [​IMG] Blessed Body lvl 4 - 40 pc point
    [​IMG] Blessed Soul lvl 4 - 40 pc point
    [​IMG] Might lvl 3 - 40 pc point
    [​IMG] Focus lvl 3 - 80 pc point
    [​IMG] Death Whisper lvl 3 - 95 pc point
    [​IMG] Guidance lvl 3 - 30 pc point
    [​IMG] Agility lvl 3 - 30 pc point
    [​IMG] Haste lvl 2 - 95 pc point
    [​IMG] Vampiric Rage lvl 3 - 40 pc point
    [​IMG] Berserker Spirit lvl 2 - 80 pc point
    [​IMG] Acumen lvl 3 - 95 pc point
    [​IMG] Empower lvl 3 - 80 pc point
    [​IMG] Wild Magic lvl 1 - 120 pc point
    [​IMG] Concentration lvl 4 - 40 pc point
    [​IMG] Wind Walk
    [​IMG] Shield
    [​IMG] Magic Barrier
    [​IMG] Might
    [​IMG] Focus
    [​IMG] Death Whisper
    [​IMG] Guidance
    [​IMG] Haste
    [​IMG] Wind Walk
    [​IMG] Shield
    [​IMG] Magic Barrier
    [​IMG] Acumen
    [​IMG] Empower
    [​IMG] Wild Magic
    [​IMG] Concentration
    Special teleports to the nearest locations of towns.
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  2. Destiny

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    lets say that the DD's in pt have this. does everyone get extra adrena or only the guy with premium acc?
  3. Dexterity

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    What happens if you want to buy 1 week of PA not 1 month? isn't there any kind of good prices or way to buy it? I'll have 20 coins left on the start and i would like to buy atleast for 1 week.
  4. LEX

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    You can purchase only 28 days Premium Account
  5. Dexterity

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    It were better if you could choose, if there were atleast more 2 points, 7/14 days, it would be great to everyone.
    Noone wanna waste such money on every account just because you also need to buy it on crafters, spoils, and you won't use them for a whole month.

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