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Currency rate:

  • 1 EUR = 10 Family Coin
  • 7 RUB = 1 Family Coin
Premium account:
  • PA for 30 days - 60 FC
  • PA for 90 days - 150 FC
  • Newbie help for 30 days - 15 FC

Premium account bonuses:

  • Bonus to exp/sp/adena/drop/spoil/fame - 50%
  • Drop/Spoil bonus increases the chance that does not go into the aquantity.
  • Bonus applies to all characters on a game account (not on master account).
  • Boxes available to all players from the server start - 3. Players with PA have +1 extra box, but not more than 5 boxes.
  • Access to the Solo (RIM) Kamaloka is from Pathfinder Worker NPC. More information
  • RB drop bonus - no

Answers to the most frequently asked questions about PA:

  1. In case there are players without PA in the party.
    • Drop/spoil/adena are averaged. As to Exp/Sp bonus - a player who has PA will receive it regardless of whether the party has players without PA.
  2. PA bonuses on spoil.
    • In the case a spoiler has PA, and DD kills mobs without giving a party, - the spoil goes with PA bonus.
    • In the case a spoiler doesn't have PA, and DD has PA, but killes mobs without giving a party, - then the spoil goes without PA bonus.
  3. Where can you check the status of your PA.
    • You can check it in game. A system message with information about the remaining validity of the PA will be in the system chat when you enter the game world.

How can I get a Premium Account?

1) You have to register a Master Account on the E-volution server.

2) Login you Control Panel.
3) Refill your Master Account (CP) balance for the required amount.
4) On the server Grand Opening day, log into the game, find Butler NPC and purchase from him a Premium Account for the required number of days.
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