[Promotion] Hot autumn from November 17 to 28!


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Aug 9, 2017
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Dear friends!

The action "Hot autumn" starts on the Evolution x3 server! 10 days of fast comfortable exping and farming on increased rates are waiting for you!

  • Dates: November 17th - 28th
  • The action will begin after the restart on November. the 17th and will end on the morning restart on November, the 28th
  • Rates are summed up with runes, vitality potions and Premium Account
During the promotion the next increased rates are available for you:
  • exp / sp: + 50%
  • Adena: + 30%
  • Drop of sealstones: + 50%
  • Chance of drop: + 30%
  • Chance of spoils: + 30%
  • The chance of drop Knight's Epaulette and Attribute Stone: + 50%
Attention! Action doesn't apply for the rates of the Raid Bosses and the quests!

We have also improved the work of "Newbie Help" for your comfortable gameplay:
  • New skills have been Added to the Newbie Helper menu and usual effects have been replaced on combo effects
  • AllNewbie Helper effects are available to players from 1 lvl
  • Newbie Help for Characters 1-61 lvl is absolutely free
  • Please be sure to update your game files via updater for correct display of effects
  • Details
Let this information help you to spend time with maximum benefit:

Also, during the Hot Autumn soon will come the Black Friday on November, 24!
Follow the news, announcements and you'll find a lot of useful information!
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