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Discussion in 'English' started by Apache Ant, Sep 30, 2016.

  1. Apache Ant

    Apache Ant Marquis Administrator

    Dear players,
    Due to the large number of complaints about the using of third-party software, we have come to a decision to strengthen the in-game moderation. Starting from 29.09.2016 2-3 bot-hunters will attend every mass event in order to inhibit the use of third-party programs, especially the program codes such as:
    - Auto-Interrupt (group of scripts for detecting and prevention skills using)
    - Auto-Rush
    - Anti-Hate
    - Anti-Backstab
    - Auto-Assist
    Also we’ve tighten a control over the organized community on spots.
    Starting from 01.10.2016 the automatically detecting system will be activated on the server, which will prevent a using of the mentioned scripts group. This system will be supplemented in future. Until that time all players which were suspected in the scripts using, and all players whose actions are similar to the scripts action, are recommended to install software for capturing and recording video from the screen - in order to avoid disputes.
    We have prepared the patch for increasing of fps in mass PvP especially for players with slow PC. This patch will make up for the loss of fps which could arise out of enabled video recording.

    In order to install you will need to copy skillgrp.dat file in the system folder or create a separate system folder for mass PvP and install the file there.

    As to policies and penalties for using third-party software:
    The first catch - 24 hours in jail.
    The second catch - 48 hours in jail and 100 E-coins for unbanning.
    The third catch - 168 hours (7 days in jail and fee-based unbanning or permanent ban at the discretion of the Administration).

    - Sending to jail will be made immediately after detection (even if it will be right during a battle).
    - Until 01.10.2016 the punished player will be able to clear oneself only through the video providing from a concrete mass PvP (downloaded on YouTube).
    - These rules are valid for every player l2e-global server.

    The Administration has the right to make amendments to the existing rules and to act at the discretion based on the severity of the violation.

    We value highly the existing lively and active community of the Global. Over the past three weeks we have succeed to achieve really significant results and the game every day becomes more interesting, exciting, the Gracia content is just beginning to reveal oneself. We see an influx of new players every day, but there are also some difficulties which we have to fight together. If you have any suggestions regarding the Software Policy or regarding the l2e-global community, we are always ready to listen.

    Patch for increasing of fps in mass PvP
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  2. Sinnocent

    Sinnocent Heir

    I am glad to see action taken against the people who are unable to play the game in the correct form due too down syndrome, thank you.
  3. Bokor

    Bokor Vagabond

    The first catch - 24 hours in jail.
    The second catch - 48 hours in jail and 100 E-coins for unbanning.
    The third catch - 168 hours (7 days in jail and fee-based unbanning or permanent ban at the discretion of the Administration).
    Why do you give them 3 chances to cheat wouldn't i be better to ban them immedietly without second chances?
    they know it's banable so why you let them cheat for 2 mass pvp?
  4. Goriezja

    Goriezja Heir


    1st time should be 7 days ban
    2nd time should be perma ban
  5. Apache Ant

    Apache Ant Marquis Administrator

    The reason is - ppl always should have 2 chance.
    That's only my opinion, i suppose everyone can make 1,2 mistakes. If it won't help - than nothing could help.

    But, the punishment for 2nd time will be changed.
  6. conan em

    conan em Vagabond

    i think apache u are a big joke they use scripts again on zaken and what? they take it and u just ban 2 zerks?
    i never see 1 staff so loled about scripts they use in your face and you just say nothing
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  7. Akame

    Akame Vagabond

    make a mistake?? what?? like.. OPPS, I TURNED THE SCRIPT ON... my bad.. fuck off, they do it once, fine, give them a second chance, they do it twice and you just ban for 48hs??.... they won the epics they won because they used scripts, from the start of the server, you just reacted now and you give us this bullshit?
  8. CaLy

    CaLy Vassal

    3 chances?? it's a JOKE! Common man it's fu cking scripts the most OP thing in l2....It's not only bot...It's a robot playing without mistakes...Idk why this sh1theads play..If the robot do everything for them.

    Go watch fraps if u want to see your char moving without press anything.
  9. Goriezja

    Goriezja Heir

    min 5:47 -> Demon1k targeting TotalDomination

    Auto targeting script: TotalDomination was under his party window, he instantly targeted him (same as for other targets, jumps from 1 to another target in 0.01 sec after they die)

    min 6:17 - 16:21 -> Demon1k targeting iEnc and SouthPaow4Ka in 0.1 sec

    Auto targeting script: iEnc has priority on his targeting script but because hes on FoI, Demon1k instantly switches target to SouthPaow4Ka in a fraction of a second to kill it and coming back on iEnc right after (0.01 sec) SouthPaow4Ka is down.
    Target is locked on iEnc because on priority script targeting but program not atking because on FoI

    *edit: If you watch this movie and look at his targets, you can see hes never out of target and hes always changing target after 0.01 sec (impossible by hand for 6-7 min nonstop)
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  10. qqZoya

    qqZoya Heir

    he dont use mouse and he use macrose "/assist safero " this is target and movies is x2 time fast / 0.01 = 1 sec .
  11. Goriezja

    Goriezja Heir

    so you agree safero using script, even tho is impossible to use macro for assist at 0.01 sec speed ?
    "min 6:17 - 16:21 -> Demon1k targeting iEnc and SouthPaow4Ka in 0.1 sec" -> When you use macro you hit somebody, but the script here had to stop because FoI

    nice dodge tho...
  12. qqZoya

    qqZoya Heir

    iEnc and SouthPaow main target in is marcose .Is 20 main marcose targets for this server. He has 2-3 panel full targets macrose.
  13. ownedup

    ownedup Vassal

    And what about agro 0:20 sec ? and retargeting Rioter then invocation and nuking with aggresion thats your macro too?
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  14. Bokor

    Bokor Vagabond

    0:30-0:34 and 1:48 anti agro
  15. Drakan

    Drakan Vagabond

    adms? gms?

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