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Discussion in 'English' started by Apache Ant, Sep 30, 2016.

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    while I appreciate the response of the GMs to the issue of unfair play, I have a point to make:
    -even if you lower the quality of the graphics, the graphic effects are still triggered by actions, which are triggered by characters, which are loaded from accounts, which the server allows TOO MANY of.

    each account has the capacity to register seven characters.
    ALSO, there is the subclass system (which, for those who have no idea how the L2 game evolved, was added so that the korean players didn't have to create MORE accounts in order to play different characters, in an environment of PAY-TO-PLAY accounts) which allows skill diversity.

    so, I ask again.... does somebody REALLY need a main character + one prophet + one overlord + one warcryer + one warlock + one warsmith + one spoiler + one bladedancer + one swordsinger + one elder in order to function?

    (oh, and not to mention that every single character goes around with a pet.... because, aparently the damage dealers need even more damage, and the wizards keep running low on mp even with an elder, and the elder with a kookaburra behind them)
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