Regular event - King of the Hill


Public Relations
Aug 1, 2016

Dear players!

One of the important but for sure underrated game mechanics on Gracia+ chronicles is fame gaining.
Usually fame gaining is really boring, players used to be afk on siege zones, fortresses mostly.
It's simple and we get used to it, but it is still boring.

We have decided do improve fame gaining system keeping it bound to the game process.
So we created new regular event - King of the Hill.

The point of this event to capture locations with your clan members and gain fame for holding.
More details:
  • Only locations of levels 70+ are involved
  • Locations are divided for 2 categories:
    • Low- locations which provide 5 fame per tick:
      • Forest of the Dead + Cursed Village;
      • Valley of Saint + Flame of Splendor Barakiel spot;
      • Monastery of Silence;
      • Ketra Orc Outpost + Ketra Orc Village;
      • Varka Silenos Outpost + Varka Silenos Village;
      • Wall of Argos + Shrine of Loyalty;
      • Blazing Swamp;
      • Hot Springs;
      • Silent Valley;
      • Mithril Mines;
      • Den of Evil;
      • Fields of Silence;
      • Fields of Whispers;
      • Isle of Prayer;
      • Tower of Insolence (from 10 to 12 floors);
      • Lair of Antharas.
    • High- locations which provide 8 fame per tick:
      • Pagan Temple;
      • Imperial Tomb;
      • Giants Cave;
      • Stakato Nest:
      • Forge of the Gods (all levels):
      • Primeval Isle:
      • Crypts of Disgrace:
      • Hellbound is divided for 3 parts:
        • Port-spot, Green spot (Enchanted Megaliths):
        • Sand Swept Dunes
        • Battered Lands (Chimeras)
Click here to see full map.
  • Only members of clans engaged in clan wars can take part in this event;
  • To capture location you need to have more alive clan members than members of any other clan, but not less than 20.
  • After your clan captures a location:
    • Players will be announced in shout about new Defender.
    • On the game map will be displayed an emblem of a clan which captured location.
    • Every alive character in location will recieve special buff which will inform players about that they are defending the location and will gain fame.
    • Buff duration as well as condition check is 5 minutes;
    • Fame tick is every 5 minutes;
    • Amout of fame gained is rated with premium account.
Assemble, capture locations with your clan and get bonuses!

If you want to gain fame on fortresses and sieges - go on. But we offer you more fun way to do it.


Public Relations
Aug 1, 2016

There is a prime-time system which will effect on amount of fame.

from 18:00 to 02:00:
8 Fame \ 5mins;
12 Fame \ 5mins.

from 02:00 to 18:00:
5 Fame \ 5mins;
8 Fame \ 5mins.