Rise High Five x55 - New PvP-Server!


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Apr 10, 2013
Spring PvP-server х55 from Averia.ws team
Grand Opening on 13th April 2018 at 20:00 Moscow time (GMT+3)

Briefly about the server concept:
The concept is based on the idea, which we took the dare to come up with a year ago, when we had proved that the game could be much more exciting if presented from a different angle with set of proper game priorities. Then we made the first step aside a usual scenario. And now the time has come for a a further movement which would positively create a new trend and would give everyone a long expected breath of fresh air.
Usually you go to PvP-servers not for the sake of spending long days on farming of resources for developing your character. That is why we improved the shop which allows faster passing different game levels. In addition we developed new systems and upgraded old ones aimed at PvP actualization as a crucial and mandatory component.
We do not want to repeat the February 2017 success of the server. Our aim is to exceed those limits set last year and to develop the PvP area together with our players in a new style.

Exp: x55
SP: x55
Adena: x50
Drop: x20
Spoil: x20
Quest Reward: x15
Quest Items: x12
Epaulettes: x7
Raid Boss: х5
Available from the server Grand Opening. As a bonus voting players can get Life Stones, Attribute Stones/Crystals, Scrolls of Enchantment (weapon/armor).
The game has 5 different currencies that you can use in the shop:
Adena - you can it get for killing monsters in the game world.
Aver - special currency players can recieve for donations.
Fame - you can get if involved in sieges/TW for the fights in Olympiad and in the Arena.
Averia Points - accrued by all players for the time spent in the game.
PvP Token - you can it get for killing another player in PvP as well as for winning the Olympiad.

- You can get a PvP Token only once in 30 seconds.
- If a killer and a victim characters have the same IP/HWID a PvP Token will not be given.
- If a killer and a victim characters have more than 10 levels difference a PvP Token will not be given.
- If a player dies in PvP more than 3 times during 10 minutes a PvP Token for killing him would be given only 30 minutes afterwards. This condition is not applied to the Olympiad. For each winning the Olympiad a player gets 1 PvP Token.
- There is some possibility for a support to get a PvP Token within a party.

Cleric, Bishop, Prophet, Cardinal, Hierophant, Swordsinger, Sword Muse, Elven Oracle, Elven Elder, Eva's Saint, Bladedancer, Spectral Dancer, Shillien Oracle, Shillien Elder, Shillien Saint, Orc Shaman, Overlord, Warcryer, Dominator, Doomcryer, Inspector, Judicator.
- Support can get a PvP Token only if another player from a party recieved a PvP Token for killing.
- In case if support and a party have the same IP/HWID the PvP Token will not be given.
- If the level difference between a support and a killer is more then 10 the PvP Token will not be given.
- If the party has several supports meeting the conditions the PvP Token will be recieved only by one of them (chosen randomly).
- If the support kills a player he should meet all the conditions as an ordinary player.
Full list of items available for purchasing in the game store you can see directly in the game during the OBT or after the server Grand Opening.
1st profession: 40 Avers or 200 Adenas or quest
2nd profession: 100 Avers or 1 500 000 Adenas or quest
3rd profession: 200 Avers or 50 000 000 Adenas or quest

Subclass: 350 Avers or 200 000 000 Adenas. Quest is also possible, but we have a small bonus (description will be available in a while).
Max subclass level: 80
Noblesse: 350 Avers or quest
Buffer is available in the menu by Alt+B.
Buff duration - 1 hour.
Number of slots: 24 buffs, 12 songs/dances
You cannot use Alt+B buff during the battle as well as 3 seconds after ressurection.

Blessing/Gift of Queen,
Blessing/Gift of Seraphim.
Sharp Edge,
Case Harden,
Hard Tanning,
Song of Vengeance,
Dance of Berserker.
Counter Critical,
Chant of Protection,
Eye of Paagrio,
Chant of Revenge.
  • 7 days - 180 Avers
  • 14 days - 250 Avers
  • 30 days - 370 Avers
Premium Account calculation is based on the arithmetical average of the party. If one player has PA and another does not - each of them wil recieve +25% experience (instead of +50% bonus given by Premium Account).

Premium Account Bonuses:

  • +50% EXP
  • +50% SP
  • +30% Adena
  • +30% Drop
  • +30% Spoil
  • +30% Epaulettes
  • +25% Getting fame
  • +30% Weight limit
  • х2 PvP Tokens that are awarded for PvP
  • х10 Averia Points
  • +12% Successful craft chance (In case either you or the crafter have PA - your chance to craft increases by 12%, in case both players have PA - the bonus will still remain 12%)
  • +30% Successful crafting of a rare item (standard 3%, PA users 4%)
  • +3% The chance of successful enchantment of armor/weapon/jewelry
  • Free feature .auto for auto use CP/HP/MP potions

Every player can purchase a Man's Club Card (club description will be available in a while) for obtaining additional bonuses and privileges in the game.
Club members will have access to the following features:

Blessing/Gift of Queen,
Blessing/Gift of Seraphim.
Sharp Edge,
Case Harden,
Hard Tanning,
Dance of Berserker.
Counter Critical,
Chant of Protection,
Eye of Paagrio.
1st sieges: 22nd of April
1st Territory Wars: 22nd of April (immediately after 1st sieges)
Olympiad start: from the server Grand Opening.
Olympiad duration:
2 weeks.
Hero calculation: on the 1st and 15th day of a month. First heroes - 1st May.
Limit: for
1 box from a HWID.
Winning reward:
Golden Casket.
Defeat reward: 1
Bronze Casket.

Caskets description will be available in a while.
Queen Ant: from 30 to 32 hours.
Core: from 50 to 52 hours.
Orfen: from 50 to 52 hours.
Baium: 5 days, respawn at the period 21:00-23:00 (GMT+3).
Antharas: 8 days, respawn at the period 21:00-23:00 (GMT+3).
Valakas: 11 days, respawn at the period 21:00-23:00 (GMT+3).
Death Lord Hallate: from 12 to 14 hours.
Longhorn Golkondan: from 12 to 14 hours.
Kernon: from 12 to 14 hours.
Shilens Messenger Cabrio: from 12 to 14 hours.
Flame of Splendor Barakiel: from 12 to 14 hours.
Beleth: 8 days.
Darion: from 12 to 24 hours.
Night Zaken - 36 characters (1-85 level)
Higher Daytime Zaken: 9 characters (78-85 level)
Freya: 10 characters (82-85 level)
Frintezza: 18 characters (80-85 level)
Tiat: 18 characters (75-85 level)
We are always trying to add variety to the game to entertain the players. That is why there are plenty of events on our servers which would allow you to escape from your daily routine and ordinary farming.
Except for the standard events we are also launching from time to time some temporary events devoted to different occasions or holidays.
  • Averia Pirates
  • Averia Boxes
  • Bunches for Rozalia
  • Warmer Together
  • New Year Trees
  • Medals Collection
  • The Fall Harvest
  • Change of Heart
  • Coffer of Shadows
OBT starts on Monday 26th of March at 19:00 (GMT+3)
OBT ends on Tuesday 3th of April at 05:00 (GMT+3)
The most optimal solution would be to refill a balance before the server Grand Opening, as immediately after the launch there might be too many requests leading to payment system overload.
More information about donating to Master Account ballance: https://board.averia.ws/threads/donations.46462/
- Participate in the promotional actions on the forum
- Participate in the in-game events
- All raids before level 50 drop Avers.
.gift - Daily Reward;
.reward - Periodical bonus for Man's Club members;
.claninfo - Сlan management service;
.rank - Current character rank;
.buff - Use saved buff scheme (description will be available in a while);
.target - Display list of nearest NPC (description will be available in a while);
.bot - Complaint against a player suspected of usage third-parties external SW (description will be available in a while);
.referral - Referral system code;
.vote - In-game voting;
.code - Enter promo code for recieving a Reward;
.auto - Automatic usage of СР/HР/МР;
.arena - Teleport to PvP-Arena;
.attribute - Automatic attribution (description will be available in a while);
.augment - Automatic augmentation of Life Stone;
.clanblock NICK 0-240 - Block the clan chat for a specified player for 0-240 minutes (only for clan Leaders);
.mammon - Current Mammon location;
.7rb - Legendary Tales quest status;
.hellbound - Current level of Hellbound;
.talisman - Combine all the same talismans into one;
.cfg - Character setup menu;
.premium - Check premium status the group;
.whoami - Character information;
.offline - Offline trade;
.clan - Delegate Clan warehouse privileges;
.skill - Learn available skills;
  • Hellbound is open from the server Grand Opening. Level - maximum.
  • Writing in shout/trade chat is available from level 40.
  • Auto loot of items and herbs can be turned on/off in the .cfg menu.
  • All skill are learned automatically except for those which require books. Auto learning can be turned on/off in .cfg menu.
  • No boxes limit.
  • Monsters-champions up to level 80 inclusive.
  • Items auction will be launched 3 days after the server Grand Opening.
  • The main trading area will be located in Gludin Village. In Alt+B menu there is a special teleport to this zone. Other zones are taxed by 20% of total item prize, that is sold by player. Offline trade is available starting from level 52.
  • When removing PvP bonus 50% of fame is returned to your back.
  • Clan dismissal/leave penalty - 12 hours.
  • Aademy dismissal/leave penalty - no penalty.
  • Dance/Song from characters lasts for 5 minutes.
  • Counter Critical and Chant of Protection effects may replace each other.
  • Skill enchantment cost is increased by 5 times (Adena/SP).
  • Epauletts go to registered and non-registered clans during castle sieges.
  • Destruction Bosses are absent.
  • Respawn of all monsters in the Delusion Chamber is turned-off, except for the Bosses.
  • During the server Grand Opening all Epic Bosses are dead.
  • Legendary Tales (7 RB) quest is accrued to one party.
  • Macroses decrease cooldown of skills.
  • There is a delay for spiritshots use.
  • Command .km-all-to-me is turned-off.

Features and innovations of Averia.ws:
6th April - is a new start of our project. Of course it might be difficult and full of obstacles, but our team is ready to do our best to make this way together with you to the fame and glory of Averia!