Promotions Road to OBT!

Saint A.L.

Marketing & Manager
Mar 12, 2016
Hello Friend!
If you are interested in playing on Interlude Final (you came to this topic for a reason, do you?), then I have a cool offer for you :)

You need to download our files in advance, register, and create a character on the Open Beta Test, which will take place on March 22 - April 3.
By doing this you will receive the following items on the third day of the server’s life (on the evening of April 8) to the warehouse of your Master Account:
  • Accessory for 3 days. Reduces Exp loss at death by 30%. (Active skill: Fireworks)
  • Exp Rune +30% (5h.)
  • Ivory Coins x50
  • Greater CP Potion x50
You will receive these gifts 1 time for 1 Master Account.
You can transfer them to the game only on your character within your Master Account.

Here is a topic in which you can find all the necessary information for entering the Open Test (Files, Updater, Instructions, Registration)