Rules and regulations (prohibited for viewing)


Foreign Department Manager
Dec 25, 2013
Here is a list of simple rules. If you follow it your gaming experience will be joyful, exciting and vivid.
We need you to be a man on our girls-made project. (Unless you are a girl as well)

1. Do not tell anyone about Averia project.

2. Project Administration is pretty whimsical and appoints guilty players by itself. Guilty ones must agree, hang own head and keep silent humbly.

3. Project Administration doesn't appreciate flame, spam, rudeness etc. The most zealous rulebreakers will fall into a special list and will receive many different bonuses to both game and forum accounts.

4. Project Administration is not oppose erotic, but within reasonable limits.

5. Project Administration doesn't appreciate unqoutable nicknames or profile pictures. Breakers of this rule will get to the banishment to Siberia. Seriously.

6. Project Administration strictly forbids disclosure of personal information and private messaging with forum leadership members.

7. Hint: if you quote a post with violation you can probably join the author of bad post in his train to Siberia.

8. We all (almost all) are adults here and we won't find out who was the first to offend. If you take part in an offensive behaviour you probably should take a rest from forums for a few days. So pretty please, with sugar on top, be nice.

9. Project Administration also forbids any kind of cheating/tricking/fraud or swindle and will try hard to interrupt any type of it.

10. Project Administration is a bit tired of typing forum rules and hopes you can guess about other bad things by yourself.
Please remember: the nicer you are the happier is everyone around.

Project Administration provides a free gaming platform which is supported by own time and money.
t is totally free to you, therefore we do not accept any claims and complains, only suggestions and wishes. Administration