Scary-merry Halloween!


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Dear friends!

Scary-merry Halloween is very close! We invite you to plunge into the atmosphere of terrible fun and celebrate it with us. Since October 27, two interesting events will start in game. In the meantime, be sure to look into the topic with the competition on the forum.

Important information:
  • Be sure to update your game files via updater! Without an update, you will not be able to fully participate in the game events.
  • All characters will receive gifts. The duration of the items begins automatically.
  • Duration of the forum drawing contest - October 26 - November 10 (learn more here).
  • Duration of the squash event "The Fall Harvest" - October 27 - November 10 (learn more here).
  • Promotion: a gift for balance refilling - October 27 - November 3 (more detailes below).
  • NPC Witch will be in game - October 27 - November 3 (more detailes below).
Gift to players of the E-Volution server:
Agathion Seal Bracelet - One-Eyed Bat Drove -
Agathion One-Eyed Bat 7 days. Can not be exchanged/dropped/sold. The re-use time of the special skill is 1 hour.

Gift for balance refilling:
If you make a payment of 100 Family Coins or more (both on CP and inside the game), you additionally receive gifts, among which is the Halloween Hat too!
In order to receive gifts when refilling CP balance:
In order to receive gifts when making a payment inside the game:
Squash Event and Witch
On the occasion of the holiday, we decorated the Giran town and launch a squash event for you. At the same time in Giran can find NPC Witch, from whom you can receive blessings and an occasional reward. Look for the NPC from the screenshot below, and do not be lazy to look behind the squash!

In order for you to understand what it is worth to buy a box for, we will list the most valuable rewards:
Premium accessories, agathions, marks for weight limit, attributes, SA 12-13 level, belts, vitality items.

Have a great time!