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Discussion in 'English' started by trolya, Sep 15, 2017.

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  1. trolya

    trolya Magic people voodoo people oO, Staff Member Support team

    Dear friends!

    We invite you to take part in the screenshots contest, dedicated to the Grand Opening the "E-Volution" Gracia Final x3 server. You need to show an events in the game world on your screenshots. For example, mass RB and Epic farm, exping on a popular location among players, and maybe a large-scale pvp event or simply a popular place on the gaming market. No matter which format you choose, the main thing is that your character is in the center of the drive. ;)

    Detailed information:
    • Dates: September 15-25 (inclusive);
    • Every player on E-Volution server can participate;
    • Screenshot should be made on the E-Volution server;
    • Your character must be present on the screenshot;
    • The screenshots posted in the contest topic at the Shock-World partners forum are not accepted for participation. If you want to participate twice, place different screenshots;
    • Plagiarism is prohibited. The screenshot should be made by you personally;
    • Upload your screenshot to any file-sharing resource before publishing and paste it here through the "image" tag;
    • The forum rules apply;
    • Screenshots that violate forum rules and contest conditions will be deleted;
    What do I need to participate:
    • Screenshot subject - "Show the drive!";
    • The task: to show the server online and the range of what is happening in the game world;
    • In your message, specify the nickname of the character on which you want to receive the reward;
    • Screenshot can be made using the button Print Screen on the keyboard. If desired, disable the extra information using alt+h;
    • No more than two screenshots are taken from one participant. In your message you are allowed to publish out-of-competition material, but you have to post it under the spoiler;

    We will choose 6 winners: 3 on the E-Global forum, and 3 on Shock-World forum.
    Winners who won the first 3 places will receive Family Pie:
    [​IMG] Family Pie (x3) - When used, restores all vitality. Reuse time: 60 min.

    The rest of the participants will receive 1 buff cocktail:
    [​IMG] Sweet Fruit Cocktail (x1) - When used: Might, Shield, Wind Walk, Focus, Death Whisper, Guidance, Blessed Shield, Blessed Body, Haste, Vampiric Rage и Berserker Spirit for 60 minutes.
    [​IMG] Fresh Fruit Cocktail (x1) - When used: Berserker Spirit, Blessed Body, Magic Barrier, Shield, Wind Walk, Blessed Soul, Empower, Acumen и Clarity for 60 minutes.

    How to hide under a spoiler?
    Highlight the BB code with your image or text that you want to hide and click on the "Paste" edit panel, and then select "Spoiler"
    How to insert a picture in a post?
    Upload the picture on klikr.org (or any other file-sharing resource), and then paste the link to the picture in the message using this button -
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  2. trolya

    trolya Magic people voodoo people oO, Staff Member Support team

  3. Gladson Lima de Faria

    Gladson Lima de Faria Not approved

    char Pirrozinha
    evento screnshot

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  4. Худаш

    Худаш Not approved

    I'm free like a bird in the sky
    0837be46370430e6.jpg 6625cfcf24bb44b4.jpg
  5. M3RKELL

    M3RKELL Vagabond

    for this prizes nobody give a shit about this event )) feels sad :D
  6. kMr

    kMr Heir

    Imperial Tomb

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  7. QueenKaguya

    QueenKaguya Not approved


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  8. Dan

    Dan Not approved

    Played for them / Stayed for her
    (char DanDan)

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  9. Nícolas

    Nícolas Not approved

    Char: Neferpitou
  10. vindas

    vindas Not approved

    Night, it's time to study the market. Nick Shalava Shot00006.jpg
  11. Mrwalter

    Mrwalter Vagabond

  12. Riyeko

    Riyeko Vagabond

    Knock, Knock, Knocking on heavens door
  13. Locke

    Locke Vagabond

    [​IMG] [​IMG]
    Charr : Locke
  14. Andrewwww

    Andrewwww Not approved

  15. Xiribita

    Xiribita Vagabond

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