[Screenshots contest] Show the drive!

Discussion in 'English' started by trolya, Sep 15, 2017.

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  1. Tabarnack

    Tabarnack Vassal

  2. solo2117

    solo2117 Not approved

  3. Sem

    Sem Not approved

  4. SOiL

    SOiL Vagabond

    Char name: SoiL - littleJo

    SoiL & Tzo.jpg
  5. HunterLord

    HunterLord Not approved

    Char: HunterLord
    Event: Screenshot
    Shot00010.jpg Mad DarkElf
  6. Filipe Ritter

    Filipe Ritter Not approved

  7. trolya

    trolya Magic people voodoo people oO, Staff Member Support team

    Dear players!
    The screenshot contest is over, the results will be announced soon.
    Thank you all for your participation ;)
  8. JeanGrey

    JeanGrey Knight Community manager

    Winners of the contest!
    • Charisme (ingame nickname Demy)
    • TheDominator (ingame nickname wasn't mentiond, please contact me via PM)
    • Xiribita (ingame nickname Xiribeat)
    All participents will receive cocktails as a reward.
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