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    On March server Gracia Epilogue X3 will be merged with the partners' server.
    Below are changes on the server.

    Date merged:
    Until the end of March 2018

    Gracia Epilogue
    Platform: PTS (Retail OFF-Like)
    Server Time: GMT+3
    [​IMG] Information
    • The hero statuses remain on both servers
    • Hellbound Island level - 11
    • All castles belong to the NPC
    • Cursed weapons are available from the server start
    • All clan halls will not belong to anyone
    • At the server start, all characters have the registration status in Seven Signs for the Priest of Dawn side (first period).
    Information on matching nicknames and clan names from both servers
    • If the nicknames and clan names match, then both characters from both servers get a prefix to the nickname/clan name that corresponds to the server on which they were created.
    • Characters/clans that received the prefix can change the nickname/clan name for free.
    [​IMG] New server concept

    [​IMG] Rates
    • EXP/SP: x15
    • Adena: x12-x7 (dynamic rate)
    • SealStone: x4 q-ty
    • Dimensional Fragment: x3 q-ty
    • Drop: chance* x7
    • Spoil: chance* x5
    • Manor: x1
    • Attribute, Epaulettes: x3
    • Hellbound Items: x3
    • RB EXP/SP: x10
    • RB Drop: chance х4
    • Epic Boss Drop: x1
    Explanation of the drop and spoil rates, and of the Premium Account work:
    * How do the rates work?
    If the spoil chance exceeds 70% (compared to the standard x1 rate), then the drop quantity will be increased.

    What bonus Premium Account gives?
    Premium Account increases the chance of spoil, but does not exceed the border of 100%.
    [​IMG] Quest Rate
    • Quest reward (adena/exp/sp) - x5
    • Drop quest item - x1
    Rate of some quests were redused: to prevent the imbalance by repeating quests.

    The number of dropped items is increased in the quests:
    • Supply check - Mystic classes will automaticaly receive Devotion set
    • 3rd class transfer quest - 10.000.000 adena + 2 Giant Codexes
    • The Finest Ingredients - Part 1 - x5
    • Alliance with Varka Silenos - x3
    • Alliance with Ketra Orcs - x3
    • War with Varka Silenos - x3
    • War with Ketra Orcs - x3
    • Seekers of the Holy Grail - x3
    • Guardians of the Holy Grail - x3
    • Gather the Flames - x3
    • Relics of the Old Empire - x3
    • The Zero Hour - x3
    • Exploration of the Giants' Cave - Part 1 - x5
    • Exploration of the Giants' Cave - Part 2 - x3
    • Legacy of Insolence - x3
    • Whisper of Dreams, Part 1 - x3
    • Whisper of Dreams, Part 2 - x3
    • Matras' Suspicious Request - x3
    • Supplier of Reagents - x4
    • Good Work's Reward - x1
    • In Search of Fragments of Dimension - x3
    • An Ice Merchant's Dream - x3
    • Necromancer's Request - x3
    • In the Forgotten Village - x3
    • A Game of Cards - x1
    • Seductive Whispers - x1
    • Stolen Dignity - x1
    • How to Oppose Evil - x1
    • Heart in Search of Power - x3
    • Delicious Top Choice Meat - x3
    • Сбор Extracted Red/Blue/Green Star Stone - x5
    • Выпадение Ancient Tome of the Demon - x3
    [​IMG] Gameplay features
    • Offline trade - is available in the special designated zones.
    • Amount of client boxes from 1 PC - 10 boxes.
    • Amount of mobs for 1st and 2nd profession has been increased;.
    • Amount of instance zones - for Pailaka, Kamaloka (Hall and Labyrinth) has been increased;
    • 1st and 2nd profession obtaining - can be purchased for Adena and also there is the standard-alternate quest for 3.000.000;
    • Seven Sings - standard two-week period
    • Clan Hall - starting bet and rent rate has been increased in 3 times, available only for clans that reached level 5 and above;
    • Cursed weapon drop - activated a week after the server start.
    • Item Broker (Auction Manager) - Available from server start on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays.
    • Hellbound Isle - Opened from the server merging, has 11 level. Rate of level increase - x3 from standard.
    • Seed of Destruction - Instance for attribute 150+ gathering will become available after 10 Tiats will be killed on the server.
      • Collecting fountains on SoD - x2, duration of the SOD - 6h
      • Collecting fountains on SoI - x3, duration of the SOD - 6h
    • Pets now less hinder movements of characters.

    [​IMG] Improved Newbie Guide
    On the Ragnarok Gracia Final x15 server the improved Newbie Guide will be available.
    Go to the description of the improved Newbie Guide.

    [​IMG] Daily quests and achievements
    Special for you on our Gracia Final server we have prepared new achievement system and daily quests! They were designed to ring the changes into the daily gameplay and receive usefull bonuses.
    Go to the description

    There are couple of groups:
    • For reaching level
    • For PVP/PK
    • For Epic Bosses
    • For regular Bosses
    • Legendary achievements
    • Related to the Olympiad
    • Related to the Sieges and battlegrounds
    • Related with equipment
    • Releted with character development
    • Casual achievement
    • For making some quests
    • etc
    Screenshot of some achievements:



    • Completing daily quests and some achievements you will receive Ivory Coins. This is the personal ingame currency which you can use for some special items.
    [​IMG] In-game mail
    Especially for your convenience and comfort we have adapted the in-game mail for Gracia Final chronicle. With the help of the mail service, you can send any items except personal, to all the characters of our Gracia Final servers.

    [​IMG] Cyclic Macros
    A cyclic macros are available on the Rangnarok Gracia Final x15 server.
    Go to the detailed description of a cyclic macros

    [​IMG] Grand Olympiad Games
    • The Olympiad is changed for balance and a long game, the details will be in a separate topic.
    • Olympiad game will have a cycle same as Seven Sings. The week of fighting (olympiad battles), next week - "week of the heroes".
    • Start of the first period - February 5
    • First heroes - February 12
    • Without class-basis - 9 characters to start the matches;
    • Class-basis - 5 characters to start the matches; are available only on Wednesdays and Sundays.
    • 3 х 3 matches has been disabled.
    [​IMG] Castle Sieges and Territory Wars
    • Sieges:
      • Fortresses are available to capture from the server start;
      • Castle Sieges period - Standard, 14 days on Sunday;
      • First Castle sieges - February 4;
      • First Clan Halls sieges - February 2.
    • Territory wars:
      • Fist TW will take place before 2nd Sieges - February 17;
      • TW period - 14 days, on Saturdays from 20:00;
      • Castle Flags will be returned to the native Castle right before the TW;
      • Flags can't be removed from chaotic zone during TW.
    Updates of the castle siege system
    • The bonus for keeping a castle was raised up to 10,000 CRP.
    Also, during the beginning of the siege castles, in each castle there is the boss binded to the castle. If the clan that owns the castle or has taken possession of the castle has managed to protect the boss of his castle, then the clan receives a reward. Also, a clan that kills a boss in someone else's castle receives a reward.
    • If cclan defended his boss from other players/clans - the clan gets the Blood Alliance and 5,000 CRP.
    • A clan that killed the boss in another castle gets the Blood Alliance and 5,000 CRP (total - 9 bosses, as well as castles).
    • When you try to take the boss out of the castle - he returns to the spawn and restores HP.
    • A boss has an icon of the clan that owns the castle.
    • A boss does not attack the clan members who own the castle.
    • A boss has gives to clan members that own the castle a certain buff.
    • A boss has a massive attack.
    [​IMG] Manor for the owners of the castle
    • The cost of Giant Codex for matured seeds for castles Rune Castle, Aden Castle, Giran Castle was 2 times reduced
    • The cost of Giant Codex for matured seeds for castles Gludio Castle, Dion Castle, Innadril Castle, Oren Castle, Schuttgart Castle, Goddard Castle was 1,5 times reduced
    [​IMG] Automatic Events
    Characters, participating in events, can receive Vitality and other useful items.
    • Dark Invasion - Invading monsters through the portal, to save the world, players need to destroy all waves of monsters. Go to description (will be available later)
    • Team VS Team - All registered players are divided into two teams that must confront each other. The winner is the team that will kill more opponents. Go to description (will be available later)
    • Capture the Flag - All players that take part in this event will be separated into 2 teams. The one who will get opponents flag to his base more time - will win. Go to description (will be available later)
    • Raid Cronus - Instance event. The command channel can enter from 18 to 45 characters. Go to description (will be available later)
    • etc.
    [​IMG] Epic Bosses
    • All Epic Bosses are dead from the server start;
    • The Baium level is increased to 82;
    • The Antharas level is increased to 85;
    • The available number of characters for the entrance to Antharas and Valakas has been increased.
    • To enter the Kahimenus, Ekimus from 18 to 45 people are needed.
    • To enter the Tiat from 18 to 45 people are needed.
    Epic boss respawn:
    • [​IMG] Core - 36 hours +-1 hours
    • [​IMG] Orfen - 36 hours +- 1 hours
    • [​IMG] Queen Ant - 24 hours +- 1 hours
    • [​IMG] Zaken - 48 hours +- 1 hours
    • [​IMG] Frintezza - 48 hours +- 30 mins
    • [​IMG] Baium - 5 days +- 2 hours
    • [​IMG] Antharas - 8 days
    • [​IMG] Valakas - 11 days
    [​IMG] Premium and Services
    • The list of items and services will be announced a bit later in special thread;
    • Ingame currency: 1 Coin = 7 RUB, 1 EURO = 10 Coins. Coins can be traded ingame;
    • Premium Account can be purchased in Master Account as well as ingame;
    • Premium Account will provide you 50% to exp/sp/adena/drop/spoil and 100% to fame;
    • Also you can additional purchase a Newbie Helper for 61+ level;
    • As a items for boosting your exping there will be personal vitality items, such as vitality agathion and hats. There will be no cakes.
    • In your Control Panel you can find services: chaning nickname, color of your nickname and title etc.
    • In your Control Panel you can some special offers, discounts, starters packages.
    • There is a discount systems in your Control Panel, which includes one time bonus for donation and accumulative bonuses. More detailswill be available in separate thread.
    • Dynamically changing in the assortment list, depending on the stage of the server.
    • Taking part in our pre-start events - you can get a useful items and donation currency. More details will be available in separate thread.
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