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«Several Teams - One Goal»

Gracia Final x3 - E-Volution
Closed Beta Test: August 18
Open Beta Test: August 25
Grand Opening: 10.09.2017 / 17:00 (CEST)
*Valhalla-age team - not participating in opening of upcoming Gracia Final, however thay are still our strategic partners that have made big impact in our new project "Lineage 2 Family". More info about such cooperation will be mentioned in special thread, stay tuned.

Welcoming remarks:

Dear Frineds!
Today we want to make an announcement of two very important news:

First of all Shock-World project became our strategic partner.

Our cooperation plans are ambitious, far-reaching and long-term. No more, no less - we want to make major breakthrough at the market of freeshard server as part of the project Lineage 2 Family. Our fundamental criterias are transparency, honesty and absolute trust.
Our goal is to make a platform for long server lifetime, which however will satisfy the players that are looking for session game, that became one of the major part of freeshard market.
Together our teams has huge resources to turn our ambitious plan into reality.
Our strong sides: decades of experience with Lineage 2 projects, comprehensive background in working with big audience, growing and promotion of the project, big budgets on marketing and advertising, best technical resources (in the assosiation with AdvExt team). But what is more important - we have You, our beloved and loyal audience.
Second of all: 10th September at 17:00 (CEST) will be the date of Grand Opening of our new evolutional server - Gracia Final x3 in assosiation with Shock-World community.

Classic server with some unique and effective changes in Olympiad system, Territory Wars, Quests etc., which will make your game exciting and comfortable.
Evolution Gracia Final - real hardcore in battle, balanced donation shop, comfort conditions for solo players, small groups and clans, but what more important - conception that is dedicated for long server lifetime.

Cooperation of two teams - it's alliance of strong technical skills and high standards of audience support.
Our main goal - is to make server fresh, exciting and worth to spend your time at, and we are ready to work on it as much as it will need.
Each and every piece of this puzzle, such as advertising campaign, server and chronicles updating after its opening, friendly and loyal system to the players, upgrading and mastering of our product, which includes 24/7 support of platform and our users: clans, solo players and small groups as well as well-known persons that will come not only on server opening, but for long playing.
We are always ready for constructive dialog, to face and understand each players, however we will be uncompromising and will punish everyone who consider himself better than other players and bring destructive into our community.

Evolution - it's one big missing part of modern Lineage 2. We are planning the server for long years and truly want to give an opportunity for each player to go through the whole way of they favorites game.
For the very reason we offering the system of serial chronicle updation with full-scale advertising campaign through the whole server life-time.

This process, eventually, will help to ease developing stage for the most part of the audience. Also such changes will be breath of fresh air to already "browned off" chronicle.

Without further ado - we will rework our monetization politics, which will meet a 3 principle request:

  • Relevant assortment, gradual and timely extension without overfeeding;
  • Moderate prices which will satisfy all the communities: CIS, European and American;
  • Alternative way of earning items from the donation shop.
    Small groups and solo players has been also considered during the designing of the shop.

Each of us has his own opinion regarding what is the main thing in Lineage 2!
  • Someone is looking for GvG and additional income;
  • Someone is looking for socialization, friends and gameprocess;
  • Someone is looking for satisfaction of his own ambitions.
But what is most important, we - complete whole, one unit. That's why we need to consider the opinion of the every part of the community.
To solve it we decide to use well known system - exchange marketplace.
This exchange marketplace system will give an opportunity to have a legal trading their ingame goods for real money right in your Control Panel!
In our turn we want to make a statement - every RMT on any external resources or farming in industrial scale will be punished with permanent ban (buyer and seller).

At this moment our team is working on full-scale achievement system, which will shake up everyday routine and will help to make an alternative way of developing your character.
Also we have developed series of PvP and PvE events, like "Dark Invasion", which will help to entertain different type of community and will help to get yourself useful and unique equipment.

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Grand Opening: 10 September 2017 at 17:00 (CEST)

OBT: 25 August 2017 в 18:00 (gmt+2)

  • Exp/Sp x3
  • Adena x3-2
  • Seal Stone x2
  • Dimensional Fragment х2
  • Drop Chance x3, q-ty х1 (if chance is over 70% drop quantity will be increased)
  • Spoil Chance x3, q-ty х1 (if chance is over 70% drop quantity will be increased)
  • Epaulettes х1
  • Manor x1
  • Fame x1
  • Attribute x1
  • RB Exp/Sp x3
  • RB drop till 60 x3
  • RB drop from 60 x2
  • Epic Boss Exp/Sp/Drop x1
  • Drop quest item x1
  • Quest reward (adena/exp/sp/item) x1/3/3/1
  • Server time - GMT +2 (Greece time)
  • Autoloot, Skills autolearning, exp. block - disabled;
  • Off-line trade will be available from the start on a paid basis. You can run off-line trade in special locations in side of the towns;
  • Amount of client boxes from 1 PC is dynamics. On the start - 3 boxes. For players that uses PA can load +1 box, but not more then 5. Off-line trader counts as a box;
  • Amount of mobs for 1st and 2nd profession has been increased;
  • Amount of instance zones, pailaka, kamaloka has been increased;
  • 1st and 2nd profession can be purchased for 150.000 and 3.500.000 adena. Standard-alternate quest for 3.000.000;
  • Clan Hall - starting bet and rent rate has been increased in 3 times, available only for clans that reached level 5;
  • HellBound isle is closed and can be unlocked via ingame quests;
  • Seed of Destruction will be availalbe only after HellBount isle will be unlocked;
  • Newbie Helper has been changed: additionl buffs in a similar way of Clan Hall buffs. NPC will buff character until level 75 (more info soon);
  • Cyclic macroses - comfort game that available for everyone (more info soon);
  • Marketplace - easy way to have a legal trading of ingame goods for real money (more info soon);
  • Achievements - unique achievement system for developing your character (more info soon);
  • Daily personal quests with individual bonuses for your character (more info soon);
  • Regular automatical and unique events (more info soon).
Epic Raid Bosses and Instance zones
Epic Bosses spaw:
  • Queen Ant 24 hours +/- 1 hour
  • Orfen 36 hours +/- 1 hour
  • Core 36 hours +/- 1 hour
  • Zaken 48 hours +/- 1 hour
  • Scarlet van Halisha 48 hours +/- 30 minutes
  • Baium 5 days +/- 2 hours
  • Antharas 8 days
  • Valakas 11 days
Epic Bosses and Instancezone entrance limitation:
  • All Epic Bosses are dead from the server start;
  • Valakas's and Antharas's lairs entrance limit has been removed;
  • SoD (Tiat) entrance limit 27-45 characters.
Grand Olympiad Games
  • Start of the first period - 1 October;
  • First heroes - 1 November;
  • Grand Olympiad Games period - Stadnard;
  • Duration of the matches - 17:00 - 23:00;
  • Without class-basis - 9 characters to start the matches;
  • Class-basis - 5 characters to start the matches;
  • 3 х 3 matches has been disabled;
  • Class-basis Olympiad matches available on Wednesday and Sunday;
  • Special league system will take place on our server, which will separate players based on few different aspects, such as olympiad tokens and win ratio.
    In such way during the Olympiad period more professional players will receive a decent opponents as well as newbies will face less strong opponents;
Castle Sieges, Territory Wars, Seven Seals, Clan Halls and other events
Seven Seals
  • Period - Standard 14 days;
  • Event Period - 11 September, 17:00;
  • Seal Period (mamons) - 18 September, 17:00.
Clan Halls
  • First Clan Halls sieges - 22 September at 19:00;
  • Clan Halls auction - 10 September,
Castle Sieges
  • Fortresses are available to capture from the server start;
  • First Castle sieges - 24 September at 15:00 and 19:00;
  • Castle Sieges period - Standard, 14 days on Sunday.
Territory wars
  • Fist TW will take place before 2nd Sieges - 7 October at 19:00;
  • TW period - 14 days, in saturday с 20:00;
  • Castle Flags will be returned to the native Castle right before the TW;
  • Flags can't be removed from chaotic zone during TW.
Other game events
  • Cursed weapon drop - 25 September
  • Item Broker (Auction) - 25 September
  • The list of items and services on E-Volution server (will be approximately announced at 25 August);
  • Premium Account provide with the 50% bonus of exp/sp/adena/drop/spoil/fame;
  • Newbie Helper will provide you with buffs on any level as a service for additional payment;
  • As an additional way to increase your exping you can find special accessories and agations that will recovery / retention your vitality. Cooldown - 12 hours;
  • Dynamic donation shop, that will changes during the server life-time.
The description is not final and can be changed. All changes will be announced.
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On December 27, the server was officially upgraded from Gracia Final to Gracia Epilogue.
You can learn more information about the chronicles upgrade in this topic.
Updated game files can be downloaded from our website - LINK
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Until the end of March, Gracia Epilogue x3 server will be merged with the server of our partners - Valhalla-age team.
You can find the detailed description of the merged server in this topic.
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