Server malfunctions / DDoS attack


Sep 5, 2016
Dear players!

Today we had some technical issues due to DDoS attack on our server, which could cause lags/freezes/disconnects in game. It could also cause some malfunctions in the website and forum operating.
As compensation all players received a bonus to their character's inventories:
  • Family Pie (fully restores the level of vitality)
  • Lucky Four-leaf Clover (for 1-61 Levels)
We also fixed:
- displaying of nicknames in the group window;
- a question with a critical error, due to which a number of players could not run the game client.

To fix them, please install the following 3 files to the System folder with the replacement: LINK
Also these files were also added to the updater, so you can either do a full check of the files to download them, or just run the updater (not a full check, just run it) and it will quickly download the correct files through a quick check (without changing l2.ini, option.ini, etc.)

We apologize for the inconvenience and hope for your understanding.
Thank you for attention!

E-Global Team :1f497:
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