[IL] - Upd Subclass bonuses


Public Relations
1 Авг 2016

Dear players!

To actualize the subclass developing we've decided to create a new subclass bonus skill system, which will available same as on your main class same as on all of your subclasses.

To receive this bonus skills you will need:
  1. Exp your subclass till 75 level (including);
  2. Visit your class Guild Master and pick desired bonus skill;
  3. To learn the skill you will need:
    • Learn the list of the skills and pick the one you want the most.
More details:
  1. One subclass = one skill;
  2. Maximum amount of skills - 3 (for each of subclasses);
  3. Skills will work on every class: on main and on subclasses;
  4. If you will take new subclass after you've learned a skill from previous - don't worry, skill will work on the new one as well;
  5. Once you will learn the skill - there will be no way to cancel it (at this moment skill can not be canceled due to technical terms);
  6. There are 3 skills:
    • Sub-class Ability - M.Def (+15 M. Def);
    • Sub-class Ability - P.Def (+30 P. Def);
    • Sub-class Ability - Speed (+1 Speed).
  7. You can learn each skill by 1 time and receive a bonus for every skill by level 1 or you can learn 1 skill 2 or 3 times, to receive level 2 and 3. Basicaly each subclass will give you 1 point to you will decide how to use it: maximize 1 skill or make a balaned improvement:
    • Example 1: Character has learned 2 times P.Def and 1 time M.Def, so he will receive:
      • Sub-class Ability - P.Def 2lv. (+60 P.Def on every class) и
        Sub-class Ability - M.Def 1lv. (+15 M.Def on every class);
    • Пример 2: Character has learned 3 times Speed, so he will receive:
      • Sub-class Ability - Speed 3lv. (+3 Speed on every class);
    • Пример 3: Character has learned 1 time P.Def, 1 time M.Def and 1 time Speed, so he will receive:
      • Sub-class Ability - P.Def 1lv. (+30 P.Def on every class),
        Sub-class Ability - M.Def 1lv. (+15 M.Def on every class) and
        Sub-class Ability - Speed 1lv. (+1 Speed on every class).
From now on when you exping the characters that you've been asked to by Party or Clan leader - your character will receive a bonus as well ;)