sudden crit error at game start

Discussion in 'GF x3' started by Tex, Oct 11, 2017.

  1. Tex

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    Since today, i have gotten critical errors whenever i try to start the game. It occurs right after the small loading animation of l2 dissappears. I played yesterday and days before without any issure and i did not change anything (no updates, nothing new installed etc.).

    Error message:
    Assertion failed: InPos>=0 [File:..\..\Core\Inc\FFileManagerWindows.h] [Line: 189]

    What i did so far:
    -Re-install clean gracia cient and run launcher full check. Still same error.
    -Firewall /Anti Virus etc is not the Problem, never was.
    -I have the latest drivers for graphics etc.

    From what i read on the Internet it's an error with the 3d-settings / ini files. In some cases deleting the L2CompiledShader has solved the Problem, but did not work for me.

    Best regards.
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  3. dwarflife

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    try to delete the options.ini and teh rest but do it one by one while you try opening the game client, maybe that will work
  4. Tex

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    Thanks for suggestions, after 2 days of trial and error and some help from support it's running.
    I did re-install clean gracia client, delete system folder and run a full check with launcher (i actually did this procedure 2 times)
    I re-installed video card drivers as well and after 2nd time of re-installing everything the games started -> magic isn't it?!
    Still don't know what the exact problem was tho))

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