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Discussion in 'English' started by Apache Ant, Mar 9, 2016.

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  1. Apache Ant

    Apache Ant Duke Administrator


    Dear players!

    We are glad to inform you that new Master Account is not the only feature that we provide on Control Panel. You can also enjoy brand new comfortable Support Service.

    Only Support Team is authorized to resolve any of your issues or concerns that you may have during playing on our server. Contacting Support Team can guarantee that your question would be solved as soon as possible.

    Please note that the working hours of Support Team are: 11:00 - 01:00 (GMT +3).
    Also please pay attention that
    Support Team has 24 hours in order to give an answer in your ticket (all requests are processing on a first-come, first-served basis). All applications are processed in the order of the queue and the average period of their resolution isv- 1-3 days (in some cases, longer). Term of bug-reports tickets solving is - 3-10 days (depending on the complexity of the solution).

    [​IMG] How to apply a ticket?
    You would need to enter your CP.

    Press "Support " buutin in side menu

    Our new interface will allow you to start new ticket in a regular (full) way (1) or quick setups (2, 3, 4). Let's review both of the ways.

    Creation of new ticket: full form
    Standard form of contacting the support team. Just fill all the fields and wait for response.


    Creation of new ticket: quick form
    Quick ticket form were designed to make your life easier. You would need to fill all fields and follow all steps.
    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    In case you never shared your account information with anyone.


    In case other users had an access to your account
    Please note that Administration may charge a fee by its decision for parsing logs.

    We are recommended to contact to Support Team in case if you face the problem with/if:
    • Game account;
    • Your account was stolen;
    • Donation;
    • Violation of Server Rules;
    • Any other questions regarding the game/project.
    If your want to receive the answer on your question, solve your problem etc - please start a ticket in your CP and we will try our best to help you as soon as possible.

    With best regards, server administration.
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  2. Noobyforever

    Noobyforever Vagabond

    К сожалению я "Бразильский" Я использую переводчик
    У меня есть большое любопытство, как будет торговый магазин?

    Sorry am "Brazilian" I am using translator
    I have a great curiosity of how will be the shopping store
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  3. MoMoT

    MoMoT Heir

    Write to me in English if you can, I will translate to you because on Google Translate is not very know Russian)
  4. SaintRowTrain

    SaintRowTrain Vassal

    It was, would be nice if the administration really read this topic because make it easier communication with the players, and to avoid some misunderstandings with the players.
  5. Noobyforever

    Noobyforever Vagabond

    my friend anyone wanting to create this "rage" Here I just wanted to know about shopping store and you know the answer because u do not even avoid creating topics "rage" accounting for private message.

    here is a support area, if I have a doubt they will respond and do not need to create answers "rage" boy
    please stop this guy
    the server did not open and you already want to create rage in the forum, I do not know where humanity will stop
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  6. Apache Ant

    Apache Ant Duke Administrator

    Good day!
    You can wrote to me in English, i would gladly answer you
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  7. iceHeart

    iceHeart Vagabond

    This is very cool, I hope that it will work and be useful!
  8. Apache Ant

    Apache Ant Duke Administrator

    Thank you
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  9. Noobyforever

    Noobyforever Vagabond

    ok thank you so much .Sir
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  10. eugekon

    eugekon Vagabond

    Hello, I need help in PIN recovery. I don`t recieve Mails with Recovered Pin Code or passwords. Maybe trouble in Mail service it is
    Mail address is hosting on
    Или по русски говоря письма с восстановлением ПИН кода не приходят на адрес обслуживаемый адрес с которым проблема имеет доменный участок
    Подскажите метод решения проблемы, фильтров и антиспамов нету. но письма нету ни в спаме ни во входящих.
    Last edited: Mar 16, 2016
  11. MoMoT

    MoMoT Heir

    не используй мейл ру, это низко для 2016 )
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  12. Nikkko

    Nikkko Heir

    axaxa ++
  13. Rafael garcia

    Rafael garcia Vagabond

    Register is working? can't make my acc :(
  14. Laguna

    Laguna Vassal

    It seems to work. Try later.
  15. Rafael garcia

    Rafael garcia Vagabond

    help guys, and today releases the registerfor the 7x? still can't create my account :( :(
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